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  1. Assuming this is a weekday: Local Buses: -S53 runs between Lily Pond Av and Port Richmond Terminal (no Brooklyn service) -S79 SBS runs between Fingerboard Rd and Staten Island Mall (no Brooklyn service) -S93 LTD runs between Fingerboard Rd and College of SI (no Brooklyn service) -S89 LTD runs full time (full route) for connectivity to HBLR and PATH {if possible, HBLR cross-honors metro cards or is free along with PATH} In Manhattan, passengers will be picked up/dropped off at any existing express bus stops for travel between Lower Manhattan and Lincoln Tunnel. Buses will use the following routes: -SIM1, SIM2, SIM4, SIM5, SIM32, and SIM34 run to/from Battery Pl via Trinity Pl, Church St, and 6 Av (NB) or 5 Av and Broadway (SB) and W 42 St to/from Lincoln Tunnel -SIM7, SIM9, SIM33 run to/from Battery Pl via West St, and Spring St and 6 Av (NB) or 5 Av and W Houston St (SB) and W 42 St to/from Lincoln Tunnel -SIM5, SIM15, SIM35 run to/from Water/Broad Sts via Water St, Frankfort St, and Park Row, then follow SIM1/2/3/4/6/7/9/10/11/31/32/33/34 route -SIM3, SIM6, SIM10, SIM11, and SIM31 run to/from Battery Pl via FDR Dr and E 23 St, then follow SIM1/2/4/5/7/9/15/32/33/34/35 route *All express buses travel through the Lincoln Tunnel and NJ to Staten Island* In Staten Island: -SIM1, SIM7, SIM9, and SIM10 run via SIM8 to Eltingville Transit Center, then follow normal route (opposite destination), turn at Narrows Rd {SIM9 follows SIM1/7/10} -SIM2 follows its normal route after the Goethals Bridge -SIM3 runs via SIM8 to Richmond Av, then (Port Richmond-bound) left on Richmond Av, then follows normal route -SIM4 runs via SIM8 to Eltingville Transit Center, then follows normal route -SIM5 and SIM6 run via SIM8 to Eltingville Transit Center, then follows normal route (opposite destination), turn at Verrazano Bridge entrance -SIM11 runs via SIM8 to Eltingville Transit Center, then via SIM1/7/10 to Ebbitts St, then normal route (opposite destination) -SIM15 runs via SIM8 to Eltingville Transit Center, then follows normal route (opposite direction), turns at Narrows Rd -SIM31 runs via SIM8, but continues to Bradley Ave exit, then follows normal route -SIM32 runs via SIM8 to Richmond Av/Victory Blvd, then follows normal route (right on Victory Blvd, NOT opposite destination) -SIM33 runs via SIM8 to Richmond Av, then (Arlington-bound) left on Richmond Av, then follows normal route -SIM34 runs via SIM8 to Richmond Av, then left on Richmond Av, right on Deppe Pl, then normal route (opposite destination), turn at Slosson Av/Victory Blvd -SIM35 runs via SIM8 to Richmond Av, then left on Richmond Av, right on Forest Av, then normal route (opposite destination), turn at Howard Av So every route should be covered, even those that share the same route (like SIM3/35 and SIM3/34) but will travel to different destinations based on coverage
  2. Interesting how you consider express service to be a Waste of Time.
  3. Ofc it would be assuming you also built a track through the Williamsburg Bridge and fixed Myrtle Av operations. I don't see my proposal happening with the current service levels.
  4. Ok? Those are the areas where commuting via the is the least beneficial and most competitive with the Q52/53 or
  5. UPDATE: Port Authority defends rising LGA AirTrain cost, now at $2.05 billion https://www.amny.com/transit/port-authority-lga-airtran-1.33057339 The Port Authority on Thursday defended the rising cost of the proposed LaGuardia AirTrain, arguing that it is an important project to get people out of cars. The authority revealed the AirTrain's anticipated cost has hit $2.05 billion when the $390 million increase was included in a capital plan amendment presented to the board Thursday. The project, which would connect the Willets Point Long Island Rail Road and No. 7 subway train to the Queens airport, was initially priced at $450 million in 2014. In all, the estimated cost of the 2-mile stretch of monorail has since jumped 356%. The capital plan amendment also included $1.64 billion for a new AirTrain at Newark, which is also expected to cost a total of $2.05 billion. The board weighed the capital changes alongside a sweeping proposal to increase fares and tolls on PA bridges and PATH in addition to imposing new airport travel fees. “These are expensive projects. There’s no question. But if we are to reap the benefits of mass transit, we have to provide mass transit that is attractive to individual travelers and their families,” said Rick Cotton, the executive director at the Port Authority, without explaining the rise in cost. “Experience shows that rail mass transit is the most attractive alternative, and we’re committed to provided that.” The PA stressed that 94% of the amendment will be covered by the PA’s own revenue, but the rising cost of the LGA AirTrain, a key priority for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, alarmed outsiders who already felt the project was a bad idea. Transportation blogger Yonah Freemark and others have pointed out that the LIRR Port Washington branch that includes the Willets Point stop is not accessible to the rest of the LIRR network, meaning it has limited use to Long Islanders. The Port Authority boasts that the AirTrain would create a 30-minute trip from midtown to LaGuardia. But City Comptroller Scott Stringer recently pointed out that off-peak LIRR service currently stops at Mets-Willets Point every half-hour, which suggests that this estimate is unrealistic under current service levels, unless a trip is timed perfectly. After a board meeting Thursday, Cotton said he believes the AirTrain will “entice, get people out of their cars and provide a capability to get both from Midtown Manhattan to the airport in under a half an hour and to also have easy access from the entire Long Island Rail Road network.” The PA, as part of its fare and toll hikes, also proposed a “ground transportation access fee” for taxis and e-hail companies like Uber and Lyft, modeled after the charges at the Los Angeles International Airport. Under the proposal, taxis would be charged $4 for a pickup, while e-hails would be charged $4 for pickups and $4 for drops. The idea has drawn the ire from drivers already grappling with the economic crisis plaguing the taxi and e-hail industry. “That’s now going to bring down the ridership at the airport — the only other source for income for [taxi drivers outside Manhattan],” Bhairavi Desai, the founding member of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, said during the meeting. “We’re at a point where people just cannot afford to lose even one more fare.” Cotton, in an unusual response to public comment, promised to listen to drivers. “This is a proposal. We are listening. We respect the views,” said Cotton. “We’d welcome the opportunity to meet.”
  6. What would also reduce runtime is adding a middle track (peak direction express) between Broadway Junction and Cypress Hills via Jamaica Av that would act as a super express bypass of the Crescent St curve and would connect to the middle track already present west of Broadway Junction.
  7. It also says nothing about the status of the Sunset Park GO, unfortunately
  8. Don't even start. The merge has been the worst thing to happen to 4 Av Local service.
  9. High ridership and it's also apparently a popular spot for Astoria riders, but yes, it is nonsense.
  10. What's also not rocket science is the being able to streamline multiple tph during the off-peak hours by terminating alternating trains at 8 Av, 6 Av, and Union Sq and different locations in Brooklyn using even single track operation. Unfortunately, they choose to run 3 tph. Less is always more with the .
  11. Also because wanted to serve 49 St. Unfortunately that does more harm than good.
  12. I saw this on Reddit also: how could a subway line be brought to Red Hook?
  13. Unfortunately, America doesn't seem to like to invest in infrastructure.
  14. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere (don't remember) that 8 Av limits capacity on the due to its design... If true, building a new westward terminal would certainly help.
  15. Got me thinking, since the regularly runs to 96 on weekends there are talks of preserving this service pattern. That would depend, however, on what you would do to the .
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