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  1. Your "lesson" will hurt students that actually pay the fare also. Undercover patrol imo would be more effective, that is, if the cops actually did anything about it.
  2. My commute today on the from 59 to 14 was slower than the local route on the ... I would enjoy my time on the local train in that instance 😒
  3. I know, but just saying it also deserves a clean sometime. ?
  4. The S79 isn't really frequent off-peak and yet the bus is STILL crowded... there should be some artics
  5. I saw that also on either the S79 or B4, can't remember.
  6. Attract attention to the topic and allow users who might have more knowledge/insight in transit to share their thoughts on the matter.
  7. Something should be done to alleviate the crowding on B70 --> S79 because it is absolutely ridiculous and I can't even get on the bus every week. Maybe some frequency increases.
  8. Perhaps the was relying on Concourse stations eventually becoming ADA accessible to push the BxM4 off of there...
  9. Do you know the answers to these questions off of the top of your head? Or did you do some research before making it?
  10. So they have "pay the fare" screens now. Interesting...
  11. Between 59th St and Bay Ridge Av Brooklyn NB 25 40 Y / Leaving Atlantic Av-Barclays Center Brooklyn NB 10 20 Y 10 Between 86th St and Stillwell Av Brooklyn NB 20 Limit Removed Y The typical crawl spots. Let's see if I actually start noticing any changes.
  12. Although he does seem to think the opposite... So you would sacrifice convenience, time, and road space for familiarity with the routes?
  13. Would you say that the similar proposal in Co-op City works better or worse in comparison? Considering they used "ridership patterns" to justify their point

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