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  1. Bay Ridge Express

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Agreed. The B8 is too long of a route.
  2. Bay Ridge Express

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Yes. It sounds silly, but it would probably convenience more riders.
  3. Bay Ridge Express

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I'm addressing the fact that I see that most B70 riders I see go to 92 to transfer to SI buses. An SI bus going straight to 8 Av would not only minimize the need for that transfer but also provide a direct connection with the in case people would rather use it instead of transferring to the .
  4. Bay Ridge Express

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    If we're going to extend it to 60 St, I would do (N/B) right on 60 St, then right on Ft Hamilton Pkwy, and right on 65 back to 8 Av. 7 Av is a bit shorter to use but I'm afraid it might interfere with the "bike lane" there.
  5. Bay Ridge Express

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I had a realization. The B70 goes to Fort Hamilton/92 to pick up/drop off most people that are going to 8 Av. I would propose a route (perhaps an S93 extension) to the 8 Av station to minimize transfers. Now, if we really wanted to minimize transfers, we would go beyond 62 St since most people probably go beyond there, but I would just extend it to 8 Av mainly for overall reliability purposes and it would be the main transfer point from the in case something happens with the . (In this case also, the B70 wouldn't really need to go to Fort Hamilton Pkwy and could just stay on 7 Av). Proposed route: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Cw6EY4u1NB9Pou-Fs8Xq5CCt93HTUd6o&usp=sharing Brooklyn stops: 8 Av/62 St Bay Ridge Av/8 Av Bay Ridge Pkwy/8 Av Ft Hamilton Pkwy/86 St Ft Hamilton Pkwy/92 St, normal route
  6. I have a guess: it's the least conventional and most religiously oriented bus of the division.
  7. Bay Ridge Express

    Bay Ridge area politicians call for split R train

    Sorry, but the is DEFINITELY a problem. It's one of the least liked trains in Brooklyn, mainly for being "slow and old" in conventional terms. Even on the weekends trains aren't tolerable. Just this past Friday there was a 20-25 minute gap in service during RUSH hour due to some problem in Queens, forcing several trains to bypass 53, 45, Bay Ridge Av, and 77 on the local track. It has basically become the norm here. Oh yes, I love waiting 20-30 minutes for my trains. The only reason N/B is even tolerable for me is because of the fact that I go to 95 St and most of the time the s leave on schedule. S/B though? Forget it. Agree 100%. I don't know about all these proposals that everyone came up with, but we can definitely start with your ideas. I use the 5-7 days/week and it is not pretty. It's because of the unreliability of the that I even considered moving lol.
  8. Bay Ridge Express

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I'm pretty sure our interests in the R179 have already died down quite a bit 😂
  9. Well Emmy, the short answer is that a lot of New Yorkers are spoiled, but the longer answer is that these subway and bus lines constantly suffer from delays and are responsible for messing up the commutes of people. On top of that, we're a bit behind technologically and in infrastructure in comparison to a lot of European and Asian cities, and New York is trying desperately to compete with them. But also people just like using the as a scapegoat. Late for work? Blame it on the . But it's also not as if you can't justify these problems. The problem isn't really so much about actually HAVING the network but rather that it runs well.
  10. Bay Ridge Express

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Not just , but DOT also. The whole point of the article was that they should be working together.
  11. Bay Ridge Express

    Ideas to Alleviate Severe 7 Train Overcrowding

    NYC basically was one of the first to do anything transit-related, and then we just kind of stopped in the late 1900s (thanks Robert Moses). Now we have to pay for it.
  12. Bay Ridge Express

    De Blasio wants streetcar line on Brooklyn-Queens waterfront

    I'm so used to hearing about this, so I'm going to play devil's advocate for a bit. We're always thinking of plans that we never actually build because they aren't necessary for the time period. Look at the Northern Blvd line. The growth in that area on the was unprecedented, and yet while we never actually thought of building a parallel line back in the 1900s we do today because of the congestion in that area. Now, similarly, the BQX's demographics are prone to change, and perhaps the number of daily riders while increase exponentially like it did on the or the , say we're going to have some golden economic opportunities along the East River waterfront that we never even thought of (like Amazon HQ2 that happened recently, although that idea is gone now). In that case, we'll be wishing that we actually did build a BQX, all those years ago. But don't get me wrong here. I'm pissed as well that we're spending money unnecessarily on a line that already parallels the , doesn't do much for Manhattan, has been shortened and simplified yet somehow costs more money, and has a cost that does not justify its current ridership. All I'm saying is that things have the potential to change.
  13. Bay Ridge Express

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I also just realized that means we're no longer going to have funny videos of politicians trying to use a Metrocard that they've never even used in their life to look good. Goodbye Hillary... 😥
  14. Bay Ridge Express

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

  15. Bay Ridge Express

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Now that it's Saturday also, there will be new schedules for the day


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