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  1. Eh, I'd say the latter is priority #1, but they also rant about the models here and there... Most people I know prefer NTTs, or as they call them, "those new trains with LEDs."
  2. Posted 2 days ago? That's how you know they really wanna spread anti-Cuomo sentiments.
  3. Right, that was the point of said proposal, that not everything in Lower Manhattan needs to run within a block of each other anymore.
  4. In many areas of the city, especially Downtown Brooklyn/Lower Manhattan, some subway lines are extremely close together as a result of their origins. So, an idea that I had was, in a consolidated system (aka the )--what if, some sections of some lines that are too close to another line were terminated in order to focus on building projects in outer areas, or streets that are not so close to each other? E.g. in Lower Manhattan btwn Broad and Kenmare the (), (), and are all pretty close to each other. So, for example, what if the rerouted from Lower Manhattan and went northbound on 2 Av instead, or southbound via Chrystie and Park Row like the proposed would? (They could also be part of the 's route, idk). Ofc, I understand that sometimes bc of population density it is good for multiple routes to be part of the same area (e.g. and , and proposed Northern Blvd line) though I think that there is an excess in some areas of Lower Manhattan in particular, esp since subway service there is typically just a block away from another.
  5. I don't know what exactly you're banking on, but of course things like voter suppression, gerrymandering, propaganda, the size of states relative to their population, and the electoral college are designed to give Democrats unfavorableness in Congress, whether you agree with them or not.
  6. Turns out... >People hated Trump so much that the GOP lost the House, Senate, and WH >Yang is now running for NYC mayor and has a big chance at winning
  7. Btw, was the SIR just running normally today? Nothing was posted on the website.
  8. Welp, you got a 4 out of 8. In some contexts, that's considered passing.
  9. I think that for the most part, the roads will be fine. Cars drive on them all the time and clear the snow.
  10. They really only did that because of the Post? Man, you really can't get the to do anything without making it cost billions of dollars.
  11. I highly doubt Hawkins would want to primary with a D affiliation. Well, that's certainly a contradiction. You say you vote based on the candidate, yet you wouldn't want to vote for any potential progressive that isn't deBlasio. Not saying you should, just pointing that out. The GOP wasn't always the crazy party it is today (at least, in terms of conspiracy theories and supporting insurrectionists), but alas... I don't really support Dems either. To me, it's like eating popcorn and watching the fight all play out. As long as the country (and state) is divided, we won't get anywhere, whether it's right or left...
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