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  1. What a great way to make everyone resentful of you and your reputation. Get your company together and see who's doing what, sure, but it really sounds like they're just going on a whole firing fest with this...
  2. My turn: the road at the intersection of 86 St & 4 Av in Brooklyn collapses, and construction on 92 St forces all eastbound vehicles to turn right onto the Verrazano Bridge just after Ft Hamilton Pkwy (westbound unaffected). In addition, there is a new park being built, surrounded by Ridge Blvd on the west, 4 Av on the east, 76 St on the north, and 79 St on the south, forcing buses there to reroute. Reroute: B1, B4, B8, B16, B37, B70, S53, S79 SBS, S93
  3. Q32 runs via Q66 and Q18 route between Northern Blvd & 81 St and 58 St & Roosevelt Av Q33 runs via Q49 route between 82-83 Sts & 35 Av and 74th St Bus Terminal Q47 runs via 69 St to Broadway, then via Broadway to 74-75 Sts Q53 SBS service ends at 74th St Bus Terminal, use
  4. 42 St service suspended, use trains run via the between Nevins St and 3 Av-149 St, some short turn at 14 St (NB) or 86 St (SB) operates in two sections: Crown Heights-14 St and 86 St-Woodlawn, makes all local stops between City Hall and 14 St runs between 86 St and Pelham Bay Park Use M1/M2/M3/M4/M101/M102/M103 for northbound bus service and M101/M102/M103 for southbound bus service service runs via the between Atlantic Av and 57 St-7 Av and via the between 57 St-7 Av and 96 St-2 Av, no service between Kings Hwy and Stillwell Av A shuttle bus runs between 57 St-7 Av and Astoria-Ditmars Blvd making all stops (Q60 SBS lol) suspended, use service runs between Whitehall St and Bay Ridge-95 St runs between Jamaica-179 St and Kings Hwy A shuttle bus runs between Kings Hwy and Stillwell Av for the , making stops at Kings Hwy , Kings Hwy , 86 St/Stillwell Av, and Coney Island runs between Brighton Beach and 96 St-2 Av, take the B68 for service to/from Coney Island suspended, use runs between Bay Pkwy and Norwood-205 St, take the B82 for service to/from Coney Island runs local between Forest Hills-71 Av and Queens Plaza extended to Forest Hills-71 Av runs between Middle Village-Metropolitan Av and Delancey-Essex Sts, use for continuing service
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/10/nyregion/nyc-subway-photos.html "Think You've Seen the Subway? Not Like This You Haven't" from New York Times
  6. In that case, my guess is 6-7 Avs, Canal St, Manhattan Bridge, Flatbush Av, Eastern Pkwy, Rockaway Pkwy, and New Lots Av
  7. Sounds interesting... we don't know its route yet, right?
  8. If this were to happen, deinterlining should be considered (e.g. sending s to 2 Av). currently make all local stops north of 34 simply due to ridership patterns. I believe we've discussed rerouting the about 10 billion times in this forum...
  9. Alright, this is admittedly stupid, but here's my idea (no tph metrics, but I'd imagine that one of the services that run on trunk lines would have their frequency intact if all other services on that line were to be eliminated): Far Rockaway/Ozone Park-Inwood. All local service. Eliminated, use Eliminated, use . Coney Island-Columbus Circle, use for service north of Columbus Circle. Anywhere in Midtown (42/50/7 Av)-Jamaica Center. All local service. Use for Downtown service. Coney Island-Queensbridge, use for Queens Blvd service. Smith-9 Sts-Court Sq, use for service to Church Av. Unchanged (other than no Myrtle-Marcy express runs). Unchanged. Myrtle Av-Metropolitan Av, use . Coney Island-Astoria. All local service (including Lower Manhattan). Unchanged. 95 St-59 or 36 St, use . Rockaway Beach: eliminated, use Q53; 42 St: eliminated, use , Franklin Av: unchanged. Eliminated (duh), use . Eliminated (duh), use . Unchanged. Unchanged. Eliminated, use (8). Split into two sections: one is called the (8) and runs between Atlantic Av and New Lots Av, the other is designated as the regular and runs between 14 St and Woodlawn, use for service in between. All local service. E 180 St-Dyre Av, use . 125 St-Parkchester, use for service south of 125 St. eliminated. Unchanged except for elimination of the .
  10. This looks WAYYY too exaggerated. I personally thought that, at most, if they had to cut services, the whole thing would end up looking like the overnight map. This, however, straight up just gets rid of key trunk lines. I would say if you have to get rid of lines (meaning no service passing by whatsoever), at least just get rid of those that are adjacent together (like the and in Manhattan e.g. keep the and run the Jamaica-Canal) Definitely, people literally cannot survive without their . And getting rid of the ? Giant no. Yea, you need the or in Brooklyn otherwise that whole area is just a literal transit desert. Ngl, I think the would rather raise the fare to $9 than implement this. I'd also be interested in seeing how Riders Alliance thinks they could cut the buses...
  11. At top-right of page, click on your username TL40102A LFSe+ then "Profile," then "Profile Photo" on the next page where there's a large T on the left side, and then you can upload your own photo/import from URL/drag+drop a photo
  12. So? Just say "due to operator availability" and most people should understand.
  13. Yes, at least something like this would suffice. Anyway, I will explain why the B70 loop was not that good--currently, the primary source of ridership comes from Staten Island transfers and those from the B8 hoping to get into Bklyn Chinatown. I would say however, like Around the Horn mentioned, that the good thing about the B70 was its frequency. Coverage is good, but not at the expense of ridership patterns. So, if anything, the B37 (or some other 3 Av line designation) should be its own route (I would still advocate for an extension to Industry City, but I get that not too many people actually use the bus for that reason).
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