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  1. At this rate, I don't blame anyone for wanting to jump ship; for me the time came when I realized being New York born-and-raised meant nothing without cold, hard cash.
  2. That photo of Byford... did he actually operate the train as a conductor, or was that just a photo-op?
  3. Well, the shit definitely hit the fan. This one of those times that call for a well-thought commentary. @SubwayGuy where you at?
  4. Honestly, ever since Vision Zero has been implemented, I've been skeptical of any plan to improve bus service. I mean, how much can you improve when a bus driver is stuck navigating through an archipelago of pedestrian plazas, built-in bike lanes, deliberately mistimed signals, and arteries like the Grand Concourse being reduced to 25 mph?
  5. Figured this would be the most relevant thread to ask this, so... When the overhauled Redbird R27/30s ran on the BMT Eastern Division (roughly 1987 to 1990), were any of those trainsets regularly assigned to the ? Browsed through SubChat and historical car assignment sheets, but couldn't find anything significant. Seems odd, especially considering they were well-documented on the . On a side note, I never understood the TA's rationale for assigning the vast majority of R42s to the Eastern Division after GOH, considering the issues with door controls and uneven (5+3) C/R board placements. In that sense, the R32s would've been a better fit.
  6. Not necessarily; back in 2007-10 the TA scrapped retired SMEEs as fast as they could before they realized it was the R44s that needed to go. That mentality reduced the spare factor- ten years later and we're still dealing with the fallout of that.
  7. Jesus, why do the side windows keep getting smaller with each new order?
  8. Never saw all 10 GE cars operate as one consist; I get the impression that was intentional. In the mid-to-late 2000s, most MK R42s were better than the CI R42s. The CI R42s were terrible; I rode them, I know people who operated those cars- crews hated them. Coney Island cheaped out on the overhaul and those cars did not age well. Word through the grapevine back then was that next to Phase I R32s, MK R42s were the least bad of a bunch of worn-out car classes. It makes sense, considering that in 2008 MK R42s were sent from East New York to Jamaica Yard to bump the Phase II R32s off of Queens Blvd.
  9. Just jogged my memory of those things; yeah, they were definitely "non-standard". One of three fleets that the agency was desperate to get rid of first. The other two being CI-rebuild R42s (structural rot) and Phase II R32s (mechanical shitshows).
  10. The inconvenient truth the TA will never admit is that the Concourse Line should simply have been built as 4 tracks, out of sheer convenience for future capacity. The current 3-track incarnation has always been a pain in the neck service wise. Not expecting it will ever be rebuilt in this lifetime, though- about as hopelessly idealistic as having the moved over to University Avenue to better serve Highbridge and Morris Heights...
  11. Both the R38s and R40s were in bad shape towards the end. Extensive roofline corrosion, leaking during rainstorms; the frames under the bonnets didn't look too great at that point either- General Electric and Sumitomo just didn't do as solid a job as Morrison-Knudsen with rebuilding. If more SMEEs had been kept, likely would've been more Phase I R32s and MK-rebuild R42s. Everything else (or so I was told back then) was already dead or dying at that point.
  12. Not so much bored as tired- of all the BS that goes on. Kamen Rider has a point; not the only one who's noticed. Just look at what's been going on in the Subways section lately, it's the same few people dominating discussions and putting down anyone who has a remotely different opinion. Like 3-year-olds in a damn sandbox...
  13. R10 2952

    Name Change

    Switched my name from R10 1989 to R10 2952 some time ago (before the site update), but now it's reverted back to 1989 for some reason. Requesting it be changed permanently to R10 2952; been wanting to make this change since at least 2014-15... Thanks.
  14. Too tired to bother with posting on the Subway part of the forums anymore, thought I'd dwell on NJ Transit instead... Used the 194 bus to travel for stuff in North Jersey on-off for about 16 years, and the Boonton Rail Line for about 9. Probably not the first person to say this, but: 1. The North Jersey bus network sucks, plain and simple. Non-linear routes, infinite number of variants for one line, mind-numbingly difficult to get from Newark to points north of Willowbrook (and vice-versa). Ridiculous crowding at PABT/Midtown because too many buses terminate there when they could be running to GWB/The Heights or destinations in Fort Lee, Weehawken, Hoboken and Jersey City instead. Also not every route needs an MCI- the 75 from Butler to Newark Penn had no use for them whatsoever, the route carried air. 2. The rail network- too much single tracking in places that should have been upgraded to double years ago, and commuter rail service is spread unevenly throughout the region (service/scheduling/infrastructure). Not enough effort to restore viable corridors to passenger service- not saying all abandoned lines should be brought back from the dead, just saying it's odd how Jersey City has all those ferries, but you still have to use an overcrowded train station in Hoboken. Or you listen to politicians in Passaic County talk about restoring at least partial passenger service on the Susquehanna line for 20 years, but nothing ever comes of it. Still think NJT has a lot of potential in terms of sheer volume and areas served, just regret that all the potential energy dissipates through inaction.
  15. Whoever uploaded the latest Glenn Rowe photos to nycsubway.org- thank you!

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