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  1. Bruh, it's not that deep.
  2. I'd chalk it up to the usual combination of MTA stubbornness and incompetence. The agency's got more silos than an Iowa grain farm.
  3. I work in the public sector, worked in the non-profit sector as well. It doesn't have to be a private-sector entity to have a shitty Human Resources department, believe me. The message I was trying to convey earlier is that 99 percent of HR departments suck, are corrupt, and are staffed by people who are liars, unpleasant, stupid, or any combination of the three. Honesty, integrity, fairness are not their trademark, and there's jack shit we as employees can do about it because labor laws in this country are written to favor the employer, not the worker. Like healthcare, it's just another area where America is light-years behind Europe.
  4. In general, most Human Resources (formerly personnel) departments today exist primarily to protect the organization and its managers, never the employees. Granted, there's levels to it- some places it's not as bad as others. The worst I've ever seen is a situation where HR called all the shots, to the point that they de facto had more authority than the executive director of the damn organization... I got out of there like Han Solo on the Millenium Falcon.
  5. At the state level, governors like Cuomo Jr., Pataki, and Cuomo Sr. are all examples of why there should be term limits. That said, the voters who re-elected these pricks aren't entirely blameless, either.
  6. @Mrweepa I know of other people who have been in your situation and they just ended up getting jobs with different agencies; there are other options besides the MTA. Dealing with their jerkoffs from Human Resources is a road that leads nowhere. Have you considered, Bee-Line, NICE, NJT, or one of the public transit agencies in CT?
  7. I take it you've never been to the Melrose station then...
  8. To be honest, the Enhanced Station Initiative was way overhyped; the renovations the MTA did on the Fourth Ave Line were something of a disappointment- the stations retained the hideous '60s refrigerator tiles and the original BMT platforms mosaics were never restored. Huge letdown for those of us who spent years anticipating the restorations. And Culver was a complete joke- at many stations they only did a partial replacement of the concrete platform slabs, and some of the mezzanines were real half-assed..
  9. What does it matter anymore? P.T. Barnum and his circus are on their way out- hopefully, they won't be back anytime soon.
  10. Of all the Queens Boulevard lines, I'd say it was hardest to catch the R32s on the LOL. After 2000, I only saw them show up on the G twice.
  11. The 6-car R46s and 8-car R32s that ran on the back in the '90s mostly carried air, but of course things were very different back then with those neighborhoods and the ridership. Probably would make sense this time around to have the longer trains, though; the 300-foot trains have become a lot more crowded in the last few years.
  12. I stopped having sympathy for them many years ago. When I was 12, some punk stole my bike from in front of a supermarket in Queens; store had camera footage of the act, but NYPD never even bothered- they closed the case after 3 days. And then of course you hear these stories break about the ticket-fixing scandals, bribery, the above-the-law mentality, other BS and so on. Maybe there are a few good cops (who knows), but too many of them act like just another street gang when it comes to who they choose to help. If I had been somebody's cousin, the bike would've turned up instantly probably....
  13. Eh you'd be surprised; I've seen some serious shit go down on several different occasions in that triangle of blocks between Broadway and Park. Penn may be the gold-medalist in the cringe category, but that doesn't mean it's the only participant on the podium that is Midtown South.
  14. People talking a page before about how bad parts of Midtown have gotten in the last year or two, but honestly: the whole area bordered by 23rd and 42nd, Park Ave S and 8th-9th Aves has been like that since the mid '70s. It's one of those more overlooked parts of Manhattan below 59th that never got cleaned up. Nobody with any common sense hangs around there longer than they have to, especially after 8 PM on weekdays- it becomes like Escape From New York. The whole situation that's been going on there for decades now definitely sucks, but until something gets done, it is what it is.
  15. Wow, so the service had been hanging by a thread already since the PRR era. Whatever folks did ride that once-daily round trip must've either been real dedicated or real close to the stations.
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