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  1. 2218 repainted. Those 2008 MCI D4500CTs need repainting! According to this video.
  2. Oh. Ok. Ridership on the bus has been pretty low.
  3. Although I have not been riding the subway lately, the R160s on the are great! I didn’t really like the R46s on the (R). Don’t criticize me on that.
  4. Maybe as a reminder that you have start paying in the front on local/limited buses on Monday?
  5. I have a question about the upcoming Prevost order. Is it going to replace the remaining D4500CLs? Or some?
  6. The switches are being replaced! The last time they were replaced was in 1999!
  7. One thing I really like on the destination signs on the buses is the "Masks required" code! This will be a temporary code.
  8. Hey guys. It has been awhile since I last commented on any thread. But anyways, I haven’t done train/bus fanning since March 10th. The day before the WHO declared the Coronavirus a pandemic. The last route I did was the Q48. It was an Orion VII NG #4217. That route was great and the operator was quick. Just wanted to make a comment on this thread.
  9. Once the B1 gets articulated buses, I will like it again. As of now, I no longer like that route.
  11. I rode on a R46 last night! 5818 I think.
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