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  1. Good info, been going through everything! Im currently taking driving lessons for my cdl. If im still doing my lessons by the time they call me down, do I explain this to them? im trying to get the cdl asap, I just have school work and about 7 more lessons lol. Im also concerned about school with the job scheduling but ill cross that bridge when I get there. Hows the scheduling for a rookie? nights? I know weekends are out. Thanks.
  2. @luiggi0102 you did your drug test on the 4th?
  3. When are the classes? Did one start already?
  4. @Natalie thats what i'm going to do when the time comes. Personal Emergency lol. Only time will tell, stay focused and we'll be aight! @Biggington got my permit, taking lessons right now to get the cdl myself. Rather get the stress out of my mind now, I would have been gotten my cdl, literally forgot about this exam and randomly got the consideration email, raced to get my permit before the deadline.
  5. You’re already working or still in the hiring process?
  6. @Natalie yes, like luigi stated, your pay gradually increases each year until top pay. I hear when you do line training with guys with time on the job you get a good check.
  7. Nice, good info. Let’s hope this goes quick.
  8. $23.84 after 6 years $34 and change. Including holiday pay and the Ot you'll do, depending on if you enjoy the job you'll easily stack 100k a year.
  9. Nice, I just personally wouldn't wear jeans. I am wearing a polo shit though lol. I saw the links you posted for the training and the class had on temp uniforms. Tommy button ups etc. Hopefully this process goes fairly quickly. Good info though as usual.
  10. @Ramirez1523 were people in 3 piece suits for the drug test lol. @Biggington it says business casual, khakis collar shirt is good. Things of that nature, I wouldn't do jeans and a tee.
  11. @Natalie yes, maybe ill see you there.
  12. you will be fine, if its not necessary don't drink for peace of mind.
  13. Got the email to come in for the drug testing.
  14. Thanks, were they letting a lot of people in or was it small groups since this void thing is going on?
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