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  1. Yea that is correct . The last # appointed
  2. The last # reached for appt is 907 as of today for cr.
  3. All this means is that dcas sent your number to the mta . It doesn't mean anything else . You may or may not get called . It all depends on the needs of the mta .
  4. An associates degree is not a high school Diploma last time I looked . Get your diploma
  5. I updated the forum with the last number reached for appt and then you asked what number they were up to
  6. Lol subway guy is a former accountant he has to be good with numbers.
  7. How did I made an idiotic comment first of all? I posted the most updated information available directly from transit and some people ask the same questions when they were already answered . You have some nerve calling me an idiot when I have always posted the most helpful and correct info available .
  8. Liability liability liability there never will be opto on many lines . This is just unsafe and irresponsible
  9. Postal do you read the forums ? They are up to 861
  10. Hey all the last number reached for appt to conductor is 861. This info is from the NYC transit employment center
  11. Hey all I have some updated information regarding tppa they called up to list # 207 and they only have 17 open positions for hire .
  12. The only reason there were layoffs in stations was because of revenge by the mta The union wouldn't back down from the 3% pay rise that the mta didn't want to pay so as payback they Initiated those layoffs I don't think there will be any more layoffs in the mta . I think that was the last time we will see layoffs in this lifetime
  13. The position of station agent will never be phased out . The mta cannot have unmanned booths Cameras serve their purpose but that cannot replace a human presence . I think you will have job security and the pay is very good for this position And there is built in overtime also so if you want more money and room for advancement go for it . The culture in the mta is a different story . You also have to love people to be successful in this title dealing with the public can be Difficult at times . Also the mta loves to nitpick and make your job more stressful than necessary
  14. First of all alone is one word not two. I am Not being negative toward you or anyone else . I am being real I guess you do not know the Difference . You need a reality check . You seem to need a false sense of hope to function in life. It really is a sad Sad situation . Anyhow you can report me all you want . I didn't say anything wrong Since when is Honesty a crime ????
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