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  1. Hilton's Neos are in the process of being shifted to Big Tree and Fairview, while the ones deemed irreparable are being scrapped. Which means the artics that were at Meadowlands are now going to Hilton with the exception of 20801.
  2. This makes sense given that Fairview is likely (because we have no idea with this order anymore lol) to get the Suburbans which probably haven't even been built yet.
  3. VVV Probably gonna be there for a little while. Wouldn't be surprised if the next few buses get assigned there too.
  4. Hmm. Wonder if that means 20801 is gonna go back to Hilton, or possibly to Big Tree for training. Given what I've been seeing on the tracker, hopefully up to 20811 could be in Jersey within (best case scenario) a matter of weeks at the very least. Although my hopes ain't too high given the current circumstances.
  5. 20803 is now at Meadowlands. Not sure if it’s there for driver training or if it’s slated to be assigned there.
  6. Those may still be out in Minnesota getting their final touches before delivery. Last time 20805 was tracking it was still at the facility. Hopefully they can get the rest here before the end of the month given that NJT is looking to decommission what I assume to be all of Hilton's Neoplans.
  7. What??? That's putting more people, mainly drivers, at risk. Plus it's gonna be virtually no one on those buses.
  8. Yo..... Stop. Tagging. All. These. People. In. Your. Posts. You don't need to tag them all, hell you don't need to tag anybody. Someone may reply to you eventually. But this habit of tagging umpteen people to get them to reply is frowned upon and it's not gonna get you the answers you're hoping for. I'm not tryna play wannabe-mod here but you gotta reign that in. Now, about Saddle River, no these routes stopped running months ago.
  9. That's more than likely an Academy MCI downtown doing commuter runs or it's helping transport medical workers from the hotels to the hospitals. Also, you didn't have to tag all of us.
  10. 20054 arrived at Allison this morning apparently. My guess is that NJT isn't delivering buses from CMF because they may not have the manpower to do so right now with everything going. Although it could very well be another reason.
  11. Howell helps on the 126 & 158 in the AM. And unless this has changed recently, Egg Harbor helps out on the 137 in the mornings as well.
  12. They hit the streets almost a month & a half ago if I’m correct. Right now only Wayne (151, 161, 190-199, 324) has them but Ironbound (11x routes sans 119) is up to get them next.
  13. 20802 got delivered to Hilton about a week or two ago.
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