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  1. 20054 arrived at Allison this morning apparently. My guess is that NJT isn't delivering buses from CMF because they may not have the manpower to do so right now with everything going. Although it could very well be another reason.
  2. Howell helps on the 126 & 158 in the AM. And unless this has changed recently, Egg Harbor helps out on the 137 in the mornings as well.
  3. They hit the streets almost a month & a half ago if I’m correct. Right now only Wayne (151, 161, 190-199, 324) has them but Ironbound (11x routes sans 119) is up to get them next.
  4. 20802 got delivered to Hilton about a week or two ago.
  5. Looks like the XD60s are gonna see service on the 123 & 125 as well. If this article is correct, the rest should be arriving next month. New, bigger NJ Transit buses coming to help routes ease overcrowding, long waits
  6. Not sure if you're able to answer this. but they don't fly the pickup drivers out there to get them do they? If that's the case, this whole Coronavirus hysteria might deter them from flying to MN to pick up the buses.
  7. From what I've been observing, they've kept 20802 on the 39 only. It hasn't been on the 13 or weekend 70 yet, but that will more than likely change very soon. If they do the same thing they did with 20801, it could end up on the 107 on an early AM run.
  8. No info yet, but I'm assuming they may arrive within the next month to 3 months. Hopefully NJT put them on priority order because the Neos are going through it.
  9. 20801 is at CMF last I checked. Didn't NYC Bus receive all of their XD60s already? I think the only thing they're waiting on are the remaining 6 XE60's.
  10. The garage that does both routes already runs artics on those routes. Don't forget the 21. That route can get very heavy. There are quite a few routes in the Greater Newark area (including Elizabeth & Jersey City as well) that wouldn't hurt to receive some artics.
  11. Something like this would not at all be possible. 1. The surface between the tunnels and Union City would be way too deep. The elevation does change, you can kinda feel yourself vertically descending when you're coming through the tunnels on any train. You would basically need to take an elevator to access said station. 2. I doubt the way they're planning to build these tunnels would allow for a station to be built. Since these new tubes would be shared with Amtrak and all the other NJT trains, having trains stop to pick people up on a one track tunnel is a really bad idea because it would tie up rail traffic back to Secaucus.
  12. Bronx: Bx2, Bx4/A, Bx5, Bx9, Bx12/SBS, Bx13, Bx15, Bx41/SBS Manhattan: M15/SBS, M20, M42, M60-SBS, M86-SBS, M101, M103, M104. Queens: Q3, Q10, Q32, Q44-SBS, Q59, Q70 Pre-LGA Link, Q111, Q113, Q114 Brooklyn: B9, B15, B64, B82 Staten Island: S53 It was good times back when I was dorming two years ago lol. Have you tried commuting from New Jersey?
  13. I'm getting an odd satisfaction seeing all of you roasting the hipsters lol. Yeah this documentary seems to only care about their little Willy B utopia and doesn't really think of riders east of B'way Junction who live further out on the line. You know what's even funnier? Those folks don't even seem to be bitching as much as the hipsters, at least I haven't heard them bitching. I feel like those folks are just gonna suck it up and use the and the New Lots/ENY folks are gonna use the .
  14. I remember reading them too. They were actually pretty interesting tbh. Speaking of not reporting things, I finally got to ride the XN60 last weekend. Found myself on 125th and saw it coming so I figured why the hell not. I can't put my finger on it, but something about it was different from the rest of the newer Xcelsiors.
  15. The directly hits the Midtown CBD. Plus it has a direct connection to the Lex at 51st for so it more than likely gets a lot of folks from Queens who work down there. It's also busy because it serves Penn Station and has to take on the commuters coming from NJ, Long Island, and even PA who work in Midtown and FiDi.
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