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  1. *20849-20891 - Fairview. That should fill out Fairview's ~43 artic total.
  2. 20848 is at Big Tree. I expect 20846 and 20849 to follow if 846 is not there already. 20897 and possibly 20900 are at CMF.
  3. A few New Flyer moves today. 20825 to Hilton from Big Tree 20845 to Big Tree from Meadowlands 20880 to Fairview from Hilton 20893 has arrived at Meadowlands
  4. Gotta check again tomorrow for confirmation, but it seems like Hilton may have a new artic run on the 107, and this one doesn't turn into a 126. It instead goes to PABT as a 107L and then deadheads back to Hilton around 9am.
  5. It's tough to tell. Meadowlands got some pieces of the 156/158/159 recently, so those buses may not have left there just yet.
  6. Well let's start off with the fact that this guy pretty much rode a bus at 7:45am on a Sunday. Maybe no one was on it because half of whatever ridership that's on that line was I dunno sleeping.
  7. Here's some updated new bus assignments: Fairview: New Flyers 20850-20867 (so far) Meadowlands: New Flyers 20845-20849 Howell: 2021 MCI D4500CTs - 21030, 21032, 21043 Ironbound: 2021 MCI D4500CTs - 21003-21005, 21011, 21029
  8. I remember this too. It's one of a few times Academy got caught playing fast and loose with NJT's buses. Question is, will this be the last straw?
  9. They may hold onto it similar to how Meadowlands still has 20801. I assume these are also going to Fairview, no? Also per FB, the 1 and weekday 70 are now running with articulated buses on certain runs.
  10. Funny thing is they arrived not even 8-9 hours after I posted this. 20822 has returned to Hilton. I'm guessing what happened was they had an issue with 20810 and borrowed 20822 for a short time. It's back at Hilton now.
  11. They have run on there. Meadowlands has runs on each of Fairview's lines except the 154. That's a Meadowlands bus. Fairview only has 20810. Their portion of the order will arrive after Meadowlands gets their 25 buses.
  12. I'm assuming in respect to garage space, driver/mechanic training, route training. These garages have never had MCIs like the rest. The garage out of the two he mentioned that have NY routes is Hilton (107 & 108).

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