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  1. NJ Transit wants to hit train commuters with $1.9B surcharge

    See at this point, I really wouldn't give a s**t if a cult of lizard people decided to fund this tunnel. It needs to be done. Period. The ones we have now are going through their complications in sporadic waves now and said complications are causing headaches for the many commuters who rely on NJ Transit to get to work and school (me included). Yeah some of those folks could switch over to the bus, but Port Authority has it's own capacity issues right now. We really need to do better in terms of investing in public transit because the economy pretty much depends on it.
  2. Explosion In Subway Near Port Authority

    Y'all are arguing politics while I'm just laughing at the fact that this dude essentially blew his nuts off because he believed some dumbass ISIS rhetoric. Well since I'm here, and am gonna avoid delving into political discussions, I guess I'm just gonna recap my commute for that day.... 7:55am: I'm waiting at Aberdeen-Matawan for NJCL Train # 3326, I get the alert about the explosion. Sometime between 8:11-8:45 I think: I get the news that it was a bomb, which made me smh because I now realized that anybody who wasn't a NY'er was gonna lose their damn minds and think that we're being invaded or some s***. 8:39: As the train pulls into Newark I see a bunch of NJT buses from Ironbound and Howell routes on McCarter Highway, presumably dropping people at Newark Penn for PATH and commuter rail. I immediately place my bag in the overhead rack to prepare for the cattle call. 8:55-9:00?: We make an unscheduled stop in Secaucus to pick up more folks who made it further before they severed access to the PABT. Train really got crowded then. 9:15-9:30: I arrive in Penn Station, knowing the chaos that was going down 8 blocks up, I opt for the over the but upon seeing the mass of people waiting for the , I headed up to street level and took the M34 +Select to 6th Ave (still don't know why I did this) for the never shows up, I'm assuming this is because it's backlogged from taking on all of the passengers. I hop the next one stop up for the M7 and take that to Columbus Circle, M7 was surprisingly empty and quicker than the subway.
  3. R179 Discussion Thread

    Anyone know when they'll hit the (A)(C)? Those are the only trains I currently take the most due to my college being along 8th Ave.
  4. Worst Commute of the Week

    I've had some bad ones before, but I'll stick to the ones that stick out most in my head. I think it was about 2 weeks ago, I was heading into class from NJ on the 139. I saw on Twitter that there were delays due to an overturned tractor-trailer near 15E on the NJTPKE. For a second I thought about opting for the train, but decided against it because I figured it would be cleared soon. Boy was I wrong.... The bus crawled from exit 12 on. The entire truck lane must not have been going any faster than 25mph. The stop and go traffic was absolutely terrible. To make matters worse, the Port Authority went and closed the XBL early due to "low volume". I left Old Bridge at 9am with the intention of arriving in NYC at 10am since I had class at 11am. I didn't get up to Elizabeth until 10am, didn't pass the airport until 10:50. Luckily my professor is very understanding so he told me that I wouldn't be penalized. To wrap this one up, I got into the city around 11:45 and the taking it's sweet time to show up certainly didn't help things. Now this is one is from last year, around this time I think. I managed to have the worst luck with this one. I was taking the NJCL in for some reason this semester, and one morning, the Express train I'm on went BIE at Woodbridge for some reason. We sat there for about 30 minutes I believe before we were on our way. I was about a half an hour late to class, but again, understanding professor. Coming back in the evening though was interesting. I had fallen asleep on the train as I had been extremely tired. I was awakened by the HVAC cutting off, I woke up to find us sitting in the Woodbridge station, the end display signs blacked out and the lights slightly dimmed (I was on a Multilevel). The conductor came over the PA saying the train suffered a mechanical problem and they're trying to get it fixed. They gave us the option to stay on, our wait for the local behind us. I opted to stay on out of curiosity to see how this would play out. Conductor came on the PA saying that the train isn't going anywhere, so I opted to just bite the bullet and catch the local behind me.
  5. MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Facts. You should see what the Bx4/A looks like with an LFS.
  6. MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    I take it these are gonna be on the Bx12 and 41 +SBS routes, no? I mean I know KB is set to get these, but they don't have any SBS routes that I know of.
  7. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    6118 was on the M101 this morning. Not sure if it's gonna stay at OH.
  8. New Jersey Transit - Random Thoughts Thread

    I wish it was like this more. When I was commuting into the city via train last fall, Penn Station was stop & go with all those damn MidTown Direct trains. These past few months however have been a straight cruise into Penn.
  9. NYPD: Teen biker busted for swerving in front of MTA bus

    1. You know that same statement can be applied to you sans the whole Manhattanite factor. 2. No, your claims about the Bronx are thinly veiled racist and classist jabs at anyone who doesn't live in your gated community known as Riverdale. If I had a dollar for every time you had something negative to say about the Bronx or low-income residents of the Bronx, I'd have enough money to buy a place in Riverdale across from you and put Obama/Biden signs as well as Anti-Trump signs in every window of that house facing you. Whenever the topic of local bus farebeating or anything fare related in the Bronx comes up, you use it as a means to attach all types of negative stereotypes to those riders. "They never pay" "They have money for expensive sneakers, but no money for the fare" "They always want a handout" "They're always rowdy on the bus". You wanna know something? I was on the Bx5 the other day, and the whole ride from West Farms/Southern to Pelham Bay, not ONE person evaded the fare. The whole way. Am I saying they never farebeat? No, of course not, it's a no-brainer people farebeat. But it's not limited to the Bronx. And even if they do, why is it such a concern to you? 3. Funny how you don't have that same attitude regarding the Bronx. Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  10. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Ever since the XD60s came to OH that's the only reason I'd take the M101 from Midtown to Harlem, if I needed to charge my phone. Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  11. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Damn 1282 looks like hell. Like a good half of the blue stripe paint ain't even there. Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  12. MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Aren't they supposed to go on the Bx6 too? Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  13. Cuomo ‘very curious’ about congestion pricing for N.Y. City

    I've said this before and I'm gonna continue to say it. For all of Cuomo's faults, you better be lucky you have a governor that's at least trying. We're still stuck with Christie on this side of the pond and starting to clean up the mess left as a result of him neglecting transportation here. You guys are getting swaths of new buses with Wi-Fi and charging ports, expanding your quasi-BRT, building new bridges, and many other things. Over here though, we're only getting a mass order of motor coaches which won't have those features and then I think we'll be getting Multilevel EMUs in the near future. This is due to a lack of investment in mass transit here. Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  14. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Had this happen to me on the Bx15 back in June. Sat at 125th/2 Av for a good amount of time because the ramp got stuck and we had to take the next one behind it. I think it's a combination of their age and the amount of wheelchair/walkers that those buses get. When it happened to me, there was at least 1-2 wheelchair riders at almost every stop on 125th. I'm still convinced to this day that the reason that lift crapped out was because of the amount of wheelchair passengers it picked up. This is both true and not true. Speaking as someone who uses the M101 pretty frequently, you'll see more Novas and Xcelsiors on that route on certain days and at certain times. Although I will admit, I've recently been getting more Galaxies on that route whenever I take it.


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