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  1. Unfortunately can’t provide details because they aren’t set in stone (and not public info yet) but there may be some car shuffling to make service in response to the temporary removal of the R179s from service.
  2. Yep, initially it was appearing that the cars were retired, even to those inside the agency. More info came out this afternoon with regards to their status. I've updated everything with the more recent and accurate information as of this afternoon. The cars remain on the active roster and may return to service once the COVID-19 pandemic has concluded. With respect to the R42s, those cars may actually be formally retired at this point, as they have been transferred out of the formal responsibility of the car shops for maintenance. Of course, formally retired cars can return to service if needs permit. This has certainly occurred in the past.
  3. This is a very important point. The cars are not retired per se, just held OOS. I've edited the title and description to make that distinction more clear. It is being said that the cars may return to service once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
  4. All R32s now either in exclusive work service or held OOS. All cars are on the hold sheet and none are available for passenger service. Last regular revenue run was the 843 EUC/168 on March 26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k311zffaZQ4
  5. I'm sure this info is also going to be in an upcoming ERA bulletin as well as elsewhere, but the official car assignments have changed to reflect R32s running only on the A line alongside R46s and R179s, with the C being a mix of R46s and R179s. As it happens occasionally with changes to car assignments for various operational and bureaucratic reasons, sometimes it takes a while for what actually takes place on the road to catch up to the changes in car assignments. But given that the official car assignments denote zero R32s on the C, I'd say get your R32 C rides in now while you can I guess.
  6. Changes are coming to the and lines very soon, may even be tomorrow. The R32s are on very borrowed time.
  7. Those were the last 3 cars to be delivered - 3047/6/5. They’ve started installing the number plates on NYCT property for some of the last few deliveries.
  8. Not sure what tweet you're referring to - I didn't tweet that. Regardless, that info is correct. The cars are no longer in regular revenue service.
  9. There are two R46s out today and they have been cycling between the N and W lines. Today was the first day that we operated an R46 .
  10. Not necessarily. That R46 that was on the yesterday will be running somewhere else today... That’s why I grabbed my R46 video yesterday as soon as I could:
  11. The R62As on the 7 ash do not have CBTC. They operate under AWS.
  12. Very very rarely. I don't think a move has been done over that switch in a *very* long time. That switch is part of a standalone interlocking, so a TSS or Tower Operator has to be there to operate the switch. It's all moot now - the switch has been out of service since August and will be removed over the next two weekends.
  13. Thanks!! For these shots, I used a GoPro Hero 7 Black, which has good digital image stabilization. I also do very heavy post processing for all my videos, which includes additional digital stabilization.
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