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  1. @Elocal or instead of taking the cab. I hope they add more stops in the next GTA. If they had more stops, it will be eaiser to get around like if you doing missons and there is a train station nearby that misson, you can take the subway from the safehouse to the missions location instead of taking a cab or stealing someone's car!

  2. @Elocal and Also they should make the interior in the subway more realistic like seats and ads. I hope they put new cars(like R-142) and a better interior in the next GTA.

  3. Yeah They should have those types of cars in GTA! That will be AWESOME!

  4. Thanks :). Melvin made it for me. im GTA Fan. Also im fan of the Subway system in GTA IV lol.

  5. I want a LED please but it will based on GTA IV if you can and I want it to say: to Francis Intl' Airport The Next Stop is Easton 12:00pm and this one too to South Ferry The Next Stop is 168th St (1)3:00pm
  6. Hey NX no long time no see. How are u?

  7. Cool model Buses and Thanks for accpeting the request

  8. Hello NX Express nice to meet u and i am doing good.

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