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  1. thanks btw i gotta ask you can u do some signs and i can draw some buses

  2. yeah it was nice meeting you too

  3. I can't send you a PM, its says you don't allow to receive messeges.

  4. I don't know? I haven't look today

  5. Yeah, Hopefuly, , Just look for it at 42nd st bryant pk if you look for it around the pm rush, that station has less people.

  6. I will be there, I will tell malcom that You will be there at 5

  7. Thanks, I rode R32's on the (A),(C) and (V), I had a great day

  8. You welcome, Its crazy how most of my freind's birthdays are in september.

  9. wow, You birthday is in september too LOL, Mine is on the 8th, Welcome to the forums.

  10. Great to meet you too, I will be out tommorrow for a few hours on the (R), Hunting R32's on the (R).

  11. Happy Birthday

  12. Hey Kris, The (E) is almost 100% R160, There was 1 R32 I saw this morning but it was taken out for the PM Rush and there is atleast 4-6 sets of R40M/42 mixes on the (E) and they are Mainly out during the Rush, Middays 2 sets of SMEE's are out all day.

  13. Not off hand but The (A) is not 100% 75 footers, The (A) runs only 2-3 sets Of R32's 1 all day and the other 2 sets during the rush or 2 sets all day, On weekends the (A) runs 2 sets of R32's all day.

  14. Hey Kris, The Slants will be retireing tommorrow, For details go to subchat

  15. I have the numbers of R46's that were tranfered last weekend, today (sunday) I saw the lowest R46 on the (A) was 6146, It looks like the the slants are done by june.

  16. Great, I took an r32 (E)/® today

  17. Yep, I was on an R32 (E) train on saturday and sunday, I rode the R32 for 2 1/2 round trips, I did see an R32 (F), I took one today along with an R46 (A) train to the rocks

  18. It was a FUBU shrit I was wearing.

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