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  1. 4901 has been preserved by the Trolley Museum of New York, therefore it is not scrap.
  2. At least 2 of those most likely will stay. Yukon is a 7 day training depot and the NG is the standard training bus. They have to have at least 2 for that purpose.
  3. 6392, 6402 and 6410 are not scrap. Those are being used at ECH in place of the RTSs for training purposes.
  4. Best be talking about the Green Lines GMC RTS, that was a great bus
  5. My apologies! I must've missed that transfer in the system.
  6. 6138 was never at MCH. The bus you have in mind is 6128.
  7. In the system yes, but don't believe everything those databases have to say lol
  8. Could always go out and find out like the rest of us.
  9. Remove 4935 from the scrapped roster. It is currently at transit tech high school.
  10. Flatbush is down to 10 RTSs. The remaining units are: 4964, 5038, 5048, 5058, 5126, 5139, 5147, 5171, 5172 and 5174.

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