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  1. Uh, no lmao the problem is the buses. KB is having issues with their units. They are all parked OOS in the garage.
  2. Hale is slated to get the first 17 production units this month, Also between ENY and Grand, ENY is first, so if I was a betting man, I'd say 9510-9354 ENY, 9535-9559 GA
  3. Not yet. Bus has to do its burn-in pilot test first, order isn't supposed to begin delivery until November.
  4. The “rumored” plan is that the ex-Saddle River 17000s will go down south.
  5. Not sure why it would be reported in the scrapped thread
  6. There is no listing for Grand Avenue CMF. There is only a depot created for buses in service buses at Grand Avenue Depot.
  7. This is absolutely incorrect. There is never an expectation that bus will run on a route until has physically seen service on that route. There have been plenty of situations where buses were assigned to garages and never once saw service (i.e. 6772 at JFK, 6480 at LGA, 7540 at Eastchester). There was never the expectation that any of these were going to go out. As of right now, there has not been any changes in the fleet assignments. Again, as always subject to change but as of now it is still the same as the information shared a few weeks ago.
  8. 5501 is NOT there for B82 service. It is there for operator training.
  9. All 4 manhattan depots will be getting hybrids off the new orders.
  10. ENY is receiving 25 XDE40s, but also 69 Novabus LFS for a grand total of 94 new buses between now and early 2022.
  11. Delivery is expected to begin in January 2021. At this time the option order has not been accepted.
  12. 3606, 3727-28, 3730 off roster. Not sure if they are officially scrapped, or if they are on hold/reserve.
  13. 1. 6034, 6044, 6048, 6050, 6060 LGA to FB New MTA Bus Xcelsior Delivery: LGA: 6239-40, 6242, 6245, 6258-6263, 6265-66 JFK: 6241, 6243-44, 6246-47, 6249-6252, 6255, 6257
  14. I stand corrected. The assignments have been changed. BP has been eliminated from this order, and it will be split between LGA and JFK with LGA getting 28 buses and JFK getting 25.

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