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  1. The will be in service shortly. None of the XD60 order that went to BP and JK is paint, they were all painted white and wrapped. Ones that LOOK like paint was actually wrapped at New Flyer and was wrapped properly. As for the XN40s, upon close inspection and confirmation from the firm that is applying the wrap at the manufacturer, the only thing that is paint is the base blue color, everything else is decal including the yellow on the rear.
  2. So decided to grab my camera and do some NY transit shooting, here are today's results! And its been while since I've picked up the pro-camera and did some NYC shooting, so pardon if my shooting results are a bit rusty! Enjoy!
  3. BTW, I'm glad you read and heard all about me. But don't mistake that for "knowing" me. Lots of nonsense is floating out there... Nope.
  4. Well, first off...the 53 Artics for Woodhaven has not been ordered yet, so until then...No LG is not getting XD60s. 2755's fire was brakes related I'm hearing. I don't wanna have to spell that out... just because 1 bus burns doesn't mean the entire order was bad NOR does that mean it was manufacturing error neither. We've had Prevost in service now for 4-5 years without a bus burning...
  5. 5540 was a typo, I'm a victim of fat fingers but the edit option was gone when I noticed it.
  6. Formality. I'm figuring since the Governor is putting his two cents in on the next 200 40-foot standard transit buses, and with that he wants them to be hybrid, you can't convert options like that. The cost is different and so on. From what I'm getting the MTA doesn't want more hybrids en-mass but it seems Albany is playing with the blueberries and cream more and more these days.
  7. The B35 and Bx6 are slated to be SBS, the Bx36 no. The 75 Hybrids are slated for Manhattan, however...as with everything MTA, subject to change. The M42 and B42 are short enough routes to fully test the feasibility of such a fleet, if all goes well, the AEB program will more than likely be expanded upon. MAJOR pipe dream, it makes zero sense to send small batch of very different buses to a depot which may or may not ever get them, as posted, if Prevost wins the MTAB Express Bus order, then at that time you may see Prevost from the NYCB side make their way over for maintenance and driver training! Until then, VIVA LA MCI! Nothing is going on with these option orders....NOTHING!
  8. Pretty much the 231 (92 LFSA and 139 XD60s) will knock out the last of the 1999-2000 D60HFs and MOST of the 2002-03 D60HFs, some small amount will remain until the NEXT batch of Diesels (the 190) are ordered. The XN60s will not affect any of the Diesel artics, the XN60 order affects the Orion 7 CNGs only.
  9. Good Morning Everyone, Its been a minute since I've posted here! Well here is the latest and greatest in upcoming bus purchases... CONFIRMED: 92 Nova LFS Artics to be numbered #5439-5530 (number fixed) 139 New Flyer XD60 to be numbered #5987-6125 138 New Flyer XN40 to be numbered #673-810 UPCOMING CONFIRMED: 110 New Flyer XN60 (NYCB, Currently waiting on approved funding, will facilitate artic operations to the B35, Bx36 and Bx6 SBS) 75 40 Foot Hybrids (NYCB, Currently waiting on RFP documents from approved manufacturers) UPCOMING AWAITING VARIOUS FUNDING APPROVALS & RFPs: 50 All Electric 40-Foot Standard Transit Buses (NYCB, Proposed for the M42 and B42 Lines, awaiting approved funding) 190 Diesel Artics (NYCB, To be RFP'd) 53 Diesel Artics (MTAB to be RFP'd in October, for Woodhaven SBS and expansion at Baisley Park) 257 45-Foot Express Buses (MTAB to be RFP'd in October) 200 40-Foot Standard Transit Buses (NYCB, Propulsion Not Decided [Possibly Hybrids]) 41 40-Foot Standard Transit Buses (MTAB to be RFP'd in October) ________________________________________ BUS MOVEMENTS IMMEDIATE: 10 2009 Daimler Orion 07.501 3rd/Next Generation Hybrids to be moved to Eastchester over the summer to be followed by another 15-17 units from JK and LG sometime after. All 1999 Nova RTSs will be moved from EC to LG, the remaining Orion 5s will be retired. FUTURE: Some 1999 Nova RTSs and 2004-05 DaimlerChyrsler Orion 07.501 Gen IIs to be moved to MTAB from NYCB to facilitate the retirement of the 1996 Nova RTSs when the next batch of new buses arrive (XD60s and LFSAs) on the NYCB side of the operation. NOT HAPPENING: NO 2400 SERIES PREVOST WILL BE MOVED TO NYCB SIDE UNLESS PREVOST WINS THE 257-BUS ORDER FOR MTAB!!! ONLY THEN WILL SOME PREVOST FROM THE NYCB SIDE WILL GO TO THE MTAB SIDE FOR PRE-TRAINING! UNTIL IF, and I MEAN IF THAT HAPPENS, NO PREVOST TO MTAB FROM NYCB!!!!
  10. Probably not, I've only been to that laundromat three times in the last 2+ years. I have a laundromat in my building and only go to it for special needs. The Nanny-Student crowd is usually the 7-9am and 2-4pm flux, the flux I see are the commuters and residents at 5am-6am and 4-7pm. Then you have the grannies that ride both lines heavy during the midday. Riverdale residents use all services and don't discriminate. However the BxM1, 2 and 18's heavy riderships are AMs only going into Manhattan, the out bounds aren't nearly as packed to the doors in the PMs, in fact the northbounds, you will be lucky to carry 20-30 on a northbound, the loads are usually in the 10s and low 20s per bus and the BxM18 barely carries 15 per trip.
  11. There is a HUGE flux of Riverdale residents who come off the Train who grab the Bx7 and Bx10. Both buses come into 231st and Broadway empty and get crush loaded into Riverdale up to as late as 10 at night. In the mornings, Bx7 come down crush loaded and dump to the while the Bx10 comes down crush loaded and dumps to the train. Not all Riverdale residents stay snooty to the Express bus and Metro North. I live on the south end of Riverdale so I see this all day, everyday. After riding these special Bx7 buses yesterday, the loads didn't start easing up until after the 246th Street stop along the Henry Hudson. And the ridership has done nothing but grow since becoming a Riverdale resident some 2+ years ago.
  12. I don't know where you got that nonsense from, but I've been a Riverdale resident now going on 3 years and with each passing year the buses up here are more and more packed including the Express buses.
  13. To deal with the growing ridership on the Bx7 line during the PM rush hour along with combating abnormal headways during the rush hour due to heavy traffic, the MTA is testing a pilot program where Artics are being used between the hours of 4-7pm on the Bx7 in ONE DIRECTION trips towards Riverdale and then deadheading back. A couple of shots from said program...
  14. Yes, yes it is. 4 units have been build, 7090-7093, only 7090 has been delivered for initial acceptance.
  15. Alright guys, let me lay some of this guess work to rest. When the MTA took over the privates there was (and probably still is) a plan to intergrate the BM, BxM and QM routes into the X system. A close friend of mines, when it first came out, had told me what the initial plans were, I...to this day still remember what it would be. The BMs would meld into the X30s The QMs would meld into the X40s and X50s The BxMs would meld into the X70s and X80s At the time... BM1 -> X33 BM2 -> X34 BM3 -> X35 BM4 -> X36 BQM1 -> X39 (BM5) QM1 -> X40 (QM1/7) QM1A -> X41 (QM5/6/8) QM2 -> X43 QM2A -> X44 (QM20) QM3 ->X45 QM4 -> X46 QM10 -> X47 QM11 -> X48 QM12 -> X49 QM15 -> X50 QM16 -> X52 QM17 -> X53 QM18 -> X54 QM21 -> X55 QM22 -> X56 QM23 -> X57 QM24 -> X58 QM25 -> X59 BxM1 -> X70 BxM2 -> X71 BxM3 -> X72 BxM4A -> X73 BxM4B -> X74 (BxM4) BxM6 -> X75 BxM7 -> X76 BxM7A -> X77 (BxM8) BxM7B -> X78 (BxM8) BxM9 -> X79 BxM10 -> X82 BxM11 -> X85 BxM18 -> X86 Now I do not know if this plan is still in play or whether it was totally abandoned. I would say definite abandoned since the rebranded QM5, 6, 7, 8, 20 and BM5 routes came out AFTER. SO lets not run around like this is still a possibility because at press time it is not known if it is or not.
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