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  1. Might as well add 5699 to that list. It was torched during the summer.
  2. Nice, I remember operating these when I was working out of West Farms. Other than the D60's these were my favorite.
  3. The Bx9 serves as a feeder route. There is no need to extend the north of 242nd Street.
  4. Bro, I swear you are the best hands down when it comes to shooting pics. Much respect!
  5. I just saw the schedule card for run 201 and it's 62 trips (31 round trips).
  6. I can only imagine the sob stories the operators would hear "Bro, I lost all my money in the slot machine. Can I get a ride?"
  7. Well somebody is obviously anti-union.
  8. I've been trying to figure out what RT means as well. It isn't recovery time as that term is used interchangeably with layover time but every run even now has a 15 in the RT slot.
  9. For the BOSS survey or for actual processing?
  10. Guys there will be a division meeting next Wednesday 9/25. I urge you to go to the meeting and hear it from the source directly. Our fellow operator's treat this news like the telephone game lol. Contact your depot chair for information regarding the location of the division meeting.
  11. You have to understand that these manufacturers build these cars in accordance to the specifications provided by the agency.
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