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  1. :D Thanks for the positive comment. I am a bus fan too :P I live near some south jersey routes. The closest to me is the 406 in Palmyra
  2. i wonder if DC will eventually become its own state :eek:


    and yea, i will do it again... just... when everyone's sleeping ;)

  3. (late reply) thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  4. * no :P whats up%3Pr

  5. Also good. i went on a transitfanning trip with my friend tyreek :P it was fun

  6. bah it's okay :) where'd you go?

  7. did you miss your stop?

  8. don't hit me bully :cry: lol

  9. Flxible like NJ Transit Flxible? Love those things, especially the Metro-Bs!

  10. guess who? I'll give you a hint: i'm using meh real name ;)

  11. gulp just don't hit meh eyes, i start crying like a wuss :o

  12. hahaha police fail :P

  13. hello metsfan :D

  14. hello, how are ya? My name's DJ

  15. hello, how are you :) My name is DJ (duh)

  16. hey, how are you?

  17. hey, it's septa/njt rider from Mass Transit forums :P how does it feel to be 20 now :P

  18. hey, its septa/njt rider from... well... you get the point, what's up?

  19. Hey, what's up?

  20. Hi, My name is DJ, what's up?

  21. hi, what's up!

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