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  1. "n19 Freeport Babylon"? When did the n19 start going to Babylon again? I agree, I love the livery! I've been waiting and hoping a long time they'd switch the blue and orange (I even mentioned it here), the old mostly orange livery was getting kinda stale (and if they order all buses like this it will be easy to spot new buses).
  2. Yes, Nassau not wanting to properly fund it's system is the problem but the is not the answer they charge more than Transdev and are able to offer less service for it. It's sad to see "low ridership" routes on the chopping block, public transit isn't meant to fund itself, if this was the case NY and federal governments would give zero funding to Nassau and Suffolk transportation and give it all to higher ridership routes in the city. During times like this I think the transit systems should "take from from the rich and give to the poor" and take a bus or two from a busy line and put it on a low ridership route. There is no reason a bus should run every ten minutes in Brooklyn while someone in Nassau or Suffolk has to walk miles in the freezing cold or pay $100/week to take a cab if they want to keep their job. Shouldn't we take one of those buses an hour and put it on a line that is on the chopping block for NICE or SCT? I know I know, they are separate systems but I think you see the bigger picture I am talking about.
  3. The problem with the NICE and SCT is that funding is keep on being cut while Cuomo is buying new buses with wifi and usb chargers and Bellone is getting millions to study BRT.
  4. This is the point you are missing and my point with your argument. No, NICE has no obligation to people who live in Suffolk. We should actually say any obligation to offer service in Suffolk County. You get lost with ridership (again, the reason given wasn't "ridership and" as you keep defaulting too) in your first paragraph then you contradict yourself saying NICE is under no obligation to service an area outside of Nassau but you think there should be a double standard on the other side of the county line because of ridership? Can you show me that all buses being sent into queens are breaking even? You can't argue this one with me, I mean you can and lose, my point is solid. Ridership is not the point, if you want to continue to argue something besides the point I can argue tat too, but I'm busy, lets make it quick.
  5. I don't care about ridership, if ridership is the issue than NICE should focus on Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan express routes. The reason given to not restore the n19 to Babylon was not ridership it was because another service provider provided service along the same route. Under this same theory routes to/from queens must be axed at the county line/next nearest transfer point. Ironically Suffolk County cares so they rerouted the S20 offering service every 90 minutes via Montauk Highway. NICE uses Unqua Rd, to get to/from the mall, SCT uses Broadway/W. Oak St in Amityville to get to Sunrise Mall so NICE really screwed over a large group of mentally retarded people living on Carman Mill Rd., many of whom have physical disabilities and cannot make the over half mile walk to/from the bus stop at Merrick/Unqua.
  6. IMO the n4 should be cut at hook creek blvd or rerouted to and cut at green acres mall if nice refuses to restore the n19 to babylon. I mean the reason given to not restore service along montauk highway to babylon is that it it is outside of nassau county and another agency (sct) provides service along montauk highway (S20, ever 90 minutes). The n4 passengers leaving nassau county can take the Q5 from hook creek blvd or green acres following the same route another agency ( MTA ). What's fair is fair, actually it's more than fair for the n4 rider compared to the n19 rider waiting up to 10 minutes for the Q5 as opposed to up to an hour an a half for the S20 if it's on time.
  7. I agree, it may have been a slick or shady move depending on what side you're on. IMO the taxpayers should be mad at the politicians who don't read or apparently even skim through through every y page. This really comes down to being too lazy to read or even take their precious day to skim every document making sure something wasn't added. Pure laziness! A lesson indeed!
  8. I thought it looked metrocard yellow... I was wondering what's with the new blue, yellow(gold) scheme? Are those NY's new colors? I mean think about, these colors will soon be flooding the streets and literally be changing the landscape of NYC. I'm all fr new livery, but this seems rushed, chosen by the governor and looks more like high school colors. Why not have a few schemes and let the people decide?
  9. I'm wondering if these buses will soon have this work (painting/wrap, usb ports,whatever) at the facility the new "Western NY Facility" near Buffalo that's planned to open in November?
  10. This was at NEBR in Deer Park today. Where these delivered like this or retrofitted there (they do already have license plates on them.)
  11. New signs. lol I was thinking about this the other day, the "newest" buses are almost 6 years old... Have they replaced the destination signs? The 2010 Orion VII's and Gillig Phantom's are having problems. I'm seeing more buses with signs taped in the window from EBT than working signs. One night last week I saw a 40ft Orion VII (I forget the number) pass me in the opposite direction and the destination sign quickly switched between "EMERGENCY" and "TEST PATTERN" the sign also switched between many different colors just as it passed tghe new bright sign for SUNY Farmingdale,it really looked cool. Speaking of "s110, Farmingdale." that's what the sign says inside is stuck on during the new part of the S20 loop using Montauk(Merrick)/Broadway(110),,, I forget if it says S110 Farmingdale or S110 SUNY Farmingdale, I guess the new portion of the route hasn't been programmed.
  12. Hound, have you driven the n19? I'd be curious to hear your opinion on the fastest route in and out of the mall? Now that Walmart has left Sunrise mall hardly anyone got on/off at the mall. I really think way too many Nassau and Suffolk buses serve that mall as it is, it's not a popular destination anymore. Also, only a handful of people of people got on the between Merrick Rd and the mall, I really think the mall should be eliminated and send the bus straight from Babylon to Freeport via Merrick/Montauk... My proposal of eliminating time on the 54/55 by terminating either the 54 or 55 from entering the mall, and elininating the out of the way Louden/110 stop (aready covered by the S1, S33, and 1A) more than pays for a restoration of at least hourly service to Babylon via Merrick/Montauk... If the bus can no longer go to Babylon it should be at least terminated at Amityville RR for reason I've stated over and over just makes sense.
  13. What it all really boils down to, AGAIN, is that Nassau refuses to properly fund NICE bus and give those in the community who need it a ride. NICE has a $7 million shortfall, the county has a $45 million dollar surplus and only gives NICE $3 million less than half the shortfall to run at a minimum. What else are they doing with this surplus? Instead they'd rather see the elderly and mentally handicapped walk 2-3 miles each day. It makes me sick!
  14. Thanks for the link, I searched and searched last week, couldn't find anything... It sucks they will not restore the n19. I rode it a few times just to check it out and feel bad fir anyone who has to travel between the mall and Montauk HWY. For starters the service has 90 minute headways and they don't follow the schedule. IMO someone would have to be retired or collecting SSDI having to go to the doctor or shopping once and a while. If some who had a job used it they'd probably lose their job unless they have a very understanding boss . NICE did leave a bunch elderly and mentally handicapped on Carman Mill Road stranded. I know a lot of them go to a day program in Freeport. The s20 service goes no where near it and it is in Nassau County. If the LIBRU was worth anything they'd rent a van or work with these people's counselors to get them to the next NICE meeting so their voices can be heard.
  15. That's funny, speaking of destination signs, I see more EBT run buses than anything and it seems like none of the destination signs on the gillig phantom's work and about 1/4 of the destination signs on the 2010 orion's don't work or have some issue. I wonder what;s up with that... I don't know what SCT's policy is on the issue but if a driver helps someone with a stroller and the driver slips/falls or hand slips off the stroller and something happens the driver and the county is now responsible. I have seen many drivers not help with a stroller and if I'm riding the bus or walking up the subway stairs I don't help with strollers because I'm putting myself in the situation of being liable if anything happens. NICE and SCT make it clear that even with able ride that even someone in a wheelchair CANNOT be helped by the driver, they must get themselves on and off a bus. If it's that way for someone in a WHEELCHAIR why should it be any different for a women with a stroller?
  16. Any word on the eliminated portion of the n19? No word in the recent announcement while the fate other routes have been revealed. When the plans were made to eliminate routes there were no signs at stops informing riders of the elimination (or what portion). Only a sign at Freeport. I hear many disabled residents living in an apartment on Carmen's road think they may have intentionally been left in the dark so they wouldn't know to go to the meeting and object. I'm starting to think they were right.
  17. When the new map of the n19 was released I stated that NICE used the worst routing to and from the mall... Cut right up Unqua, sunrise, mall, Unqua, Merrick, they did no reasearch just cut and kept Unqua. Now the bus travels about 10 minutes without picking up dropping/off on Unqua and Sunrise (there might be a couple of people on off at Sunrise/Unqua intersection) on an already short route (30-35minutes). As I stated in the past their are many elderly and mentally disabled in an apartment complex on Carman Mill Rd. First I would have cut the n19 before cleaning up wasted time on the n19/n54/55 getting to/from the mall. Additionally you don't need the n54 and n55 in the mall every half hour, one should cut service to the mall, most of the connections can be caught at Amityville RR or right in front of the train station on W. Oak Street. By having either the 54 or the 55 eliminate service to the mall you saving 4.33 hours per day (there are 52 round trip stops the n/54/55 makes to the mall, I estimate it takes 10 minutes to enter exit the, combined with re routing, getting the bus from Sunrise to Amityville Rail in a more efficient manor (10 min x 26 eliminated trips to the mall = 260 minutes / 60 = 4.33 hours per day freed up). The n54/55 is such a mess it goes to the mall then goes to 110 (broadway) to make one stop (110 & Louden), then turns right onto 110/Broadway, make no stops, take a right on Sterling a block before the s1 does and then a left onto John St (the side of the Amityville RR station where the first and last stop is)... WHY!?! If someone wants to go by Brunswick hospital A0. WALK the 5 minutes or so B) take the s1, s33, or the 1A. Send the bus from the mall down 27A (Old Sunrise ) instead of turning onto County line like the n19 it would stay straight like the s20 (old Sunrise turns into W. John St at the County Line, and shortly the bus turns into Amityville RR). If you want to get crazy and I know you guys like to get crazy have the n55 be the bus that skips the mall and have it cross Sunrise to continue down Broadway (Massapequa) which turns into Hicksville Rd (Rt 107), a left onto Merrick, Left onto Carmen Mill Rd. and a right onto 27A/W.John St. to get into Amityville RR and of the opposite for the return trip (we've solved our Carmen Mill Rd problem). Actually, I'd have the n19 and n55 swap and route the n55 via Unqua while the n19 covers Carmen Mill Rd.. The s20 was great on behalf of Suffolk County, I love the routing of the s20 down Braodway/110 to Merrick, I wanted this for years, hopefully it increases service and stays if and when the n19 is restored. As far as it not covering Carmen Road, tough. NICE made a choice and it is under no obligation to fix something for Nassau County residents when providing a service to it's residents, especially when it also faces a budget shortfall. Even all I don't rely on buses I was curious and tried the service, I feel bad for those who have to rely to rely on it. For starters I took the s20 from Sunrise Mall to 110 and Merrick with the intentions of meeting a friend in front of the bar there. The driver was under the impression "no sign, no bus stop, no stop bus..." I told him there was too a stop sighting the online pdf on their site. I ask if i can get off before the corner. No. I ask where I can get off, by the high school. WTF are you kidding me? I get upset and he lets me off across from the Audi/VW dealership. Now I have to cross a little side street and Merrick Rd during rush hour. There are no signs from the Amityville HS, all the way up 110 until it turns. So if you get on/off the bus in this part of the route and a jerk who can't even speak English, you might have the bus fly by or not get let off until they see a sign. I contacted SCT and they told me they aware of no signs on this part of the route. I asked when they would and I was told "it's a low priority, there are much more important things ahead of this on 'the list." The schedule is so confusing. If you are at Sunrise Mall a bus will come and say "S20 BABYLON RR" so is it going via 110/John St or Via 110 Montauk Hwy? You have ti ask the driver. From my experience the driver doesn't speak enough English to understand you or tell you where he is going/ I'm not kidding, I don't know what is going on at EBT that they are hiring drivers with such bad English skills that they cannot communicate in English.. I really wonder how they got their CDL not being able to understand or speak English. They really should have numbered the new loop the S19, it would have been been so much less confusing. The drivers also don't know the names of the roads. Out of the 3 times I took the s20 one driver didn't know Broadway was 110, "Are you going down broadway?" Looks puzzled, I say 110, "oh yes, 110." One didn't know the exact opposite. I asked the same question and he said "no 110, broadway." 2 out of the 3 drivers didn't know it's Merrick Rd in Amityville not Montauk HWY. After I asked if they were going down Broadway/110 I said "....to Merrick, right." One driver said "Montauk HWY, you have to take the Nassau bus for Merrick, Rd...." The other driver said almost the same thing but when I said "it's Merrick in Amityville..." He replied "It's Montauk in Suffolk in Suffolk..." to which I replied I replied "Except for Amityville, where it's Merrick..." He laughed at me and told me I was wrong. I'm just amused because maybe one day he'll read a road sign...." The S20 also comes at the oddest times. One bus unloads and the driver tells me "I'm early, I'm scheduled at 15 passed whenever (I forget) but there is no Sunrise Mall to Babylon RR Mall S20 a 15 past anything on the schedule for either loop. I go up 110 a lot and noticed an off schedule S20 at almost the same place like clock work every morning, I'm wondering if they have a different schedule than they released?
  18. Yes, I've delivered MANY vehicles and to answer your question new vehicles break down all the time. New coach buses break down, UPS brown boxes, new Volvo tractors all break down during delivery. I can't really comment on stats for after delivery but I've seen enough vehicles back at dealerships of all time to support test that they do. New engines do need to be "broken in" as well, I'm not an engineer so I'm not even going to attempt to change it. A new vehicle breaking down is not unrealistic, that's why manufactures offer warranties and fix these these vehicles for free. It would only be unrealistic. If the problems weren't fixed by the manufacturer.
  19. It's really not, not since Walmart left.... While a better route to the mall than it takes now I'm saying it should take Clocks Blvd or County Line Rd to Oak St and into the Amityville RR. There are links to more transportation there and if someone wanted/needed to get to the mall they have many options there to get them to the mall including the n54/55. OR the should have just eliminate the routing to the mall and back and had the n19 run straight from Freeport/Babylon via Merrick/Montauk... Almost anything would have been better than what they did...
  20. I look at NICE's layout of the town placement's on the new n19 map and chuckle at the vision of the person laying the placements of the towns who has obviously never been out here. lol Why did they even put Amityville on the Map? Just to remind those in Suffolk that the bus no longer goes out there? lol I'm also annoyed at Cumo! Billions announced in "public transportation!' but he allows these cuts to go through? Apparently to him public transportation only means LIRR bringing people who work in Manhattan an easier ride and getting vehicles from Long Island to Westchester County.
  21. I was afraid NICE was going keep the bad routing on the n19 to/from the mall. Nope, they made it worse! I didn't even think that was possible. I've been a big advocate for NICE but boy did they eff this one up. ....They kept the portion of the route ti the mall where the bus lost the most amount of time and picked up the least amount of passengers. The riders would have been much better off axing the n19 to Sunrise mall and routing the bus to Amityville RR via either Clocks Blvd. or County Line Rd.. Actually the n19 would have been better just eliminating the Sunrise Mall years ago as it takes about as much time to get to the mall and back to Merrick as it does to get from the Amityvile/Massapequa border to Babylon. Problem solved! Seriously, have those who decided to terminate the n19 at the Mall and dedcided to keep the messed up routing to/from the mall ever ridden the n19? Suffolk should stand on an equally stupid platform and terminate service to Sunrise, start/stop routes at Amityville, RR and totally screw over all riders on the Nassau Suffolk south shore border.
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