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  1. Thing is when he had the majority he wasted a lot of time. He had the perfect setup in the beginning of his term and tried to reason with people who just couldn't be reasoned with.
  2. Look up communism. Get back to us. Anyway I'm surprised. I mean how can anyone just be figuring this all out? I've always found it believable that the government/NSA would have ways of keeping track of what we do on the internet and over the phone. How sensible is to just throw all these ways of communication at us and not think anyone is keeping track of what's going on? I mean honestly when I heard about this I was seriously like "so what else is new?". Shows just how asleep the country is really.
  3. Rakin in the dough eh? Ey, MTA, whatchu know bout dat Chambers Street station, ah?
  4. I'm interested in hearing why he did what he did. they locked most of boston down to find this kid.
  5. Anti-nanny state laws? Sure why not. What bloomberg tried to do was absurd and I'm not even someone who consumes large amounts of sugary substances. The government needs to find better things to do like...actually doing their job and fixing things that need fixing and...not trying to rewrite the rules for illegal 3rd terms.
  6. He hasn't lost his touch at all. Nice job SG!
  7. To each his own. I have this nasty habit of suffering through what's placed in front of me. I wouldn't be able to make the choice between A & B on my own personally. Both seem to have their perks and shortcomings of which I'm interested in testing myself against.
  8. from Wall Street to Central Park North 110th Street...i wont get into how that happened....
  9. I honestly would have loved to hear what he had to say personally. It's a shame that it ends like this but the LAPD must be seriously relieved now.
  10. If anything with that reward out they'd do the opposite.
  11. Dude is sharp as a tack. I think its both. If he is getting help from others he's doing a good job of keeping them from being found out. This guy won't be caught without outside help. LAPD can't handle this.
  12. I just caught up with all of this. Those officers must be shitting bricks trying to find this guy to be shooting civilians. Last night I was thinking about how its been a while since we had an honest to god threat loose on the street like this.
  13. Yeah I found the Werehog stages to be a lot easier. [Except Empire F%^&ing City]
  14. I wouldn't mind another Sonic Unleashed type of game with better controls and only day stages to run through. Getting the S ranking on those levels felt like an actual accomplishment given how you could run off the track into death anywhere along the way.
  15. I heard someone around 800 went in earlier in this thread.
  16. I gotta say, this is gonna be the best part of the job for me. You have no idea.
  17. I'll agree to that. The game was pretty much all over the place. Now Sonic 3 was alright. Sonic & Knuckles was what made it pivotal. I still play Sonic 2 & Sonic 3/K.
  18. I would imagine since they're only considering the idea they'd draw up the pros and cons for themselves. At least I hope lol
  19. Hm yeah I haven't heard anything yet either but I have no idea how this works and I'd rather work the rails anyway.
  20. Still don't like the idea of using my debit card for this kinda thing but in a way I guess we already do simply by using them to buy metrocards. Still the option of being able to use cash when I want to should remain.
  21. You mean you actually don't think they'd make the go back to terminating at Smith and 9th when the renovation is done?
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