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  1. I don't really care about the head ways. I'm fairly patient. Morning Rush Hour for me was like clockwork going and coming back from work anyway. I never waited more than 4-5 minutes past the scheduled arrive time for my in either direction. So it's not like I've ever waited like 30-45 minutes for a train to show up. I'll gladly take the running in and out of manhattan again. This current service change hasn't been convenient for me at all.
  2. I'm sorry but I need my train running through the tubes again. This crap with the is working my nerves. They were already crowded as hell before this storm. Now it's like I have to let trains go till there's one i can squeeze into. I need the back.
  3. Why should someone who does have to come into work that day for straight pay? Any good company pays for holidays whether you go in or not. None of these retailers that I know of pay differentials for working holidays. I never got paid time and a half for showing up to work on thanksgiving, christmas or new years when I worked retail. So i already know the game. If you're gonna get your dollar make sure its worth getting.
  4. Well, I was brought up to appreciate the tradition of Christmas and Thanksgiving being time at home with the family. Something I appreciate even more in this day and age when 90% of the time (for most of us) is spent in an office or other place of work working for someone that we may or may not even like doing a job we may or may not be content doing just for the extra buck. My point is I spend plenty of time grinding for the dollar. Some business owners spend more than their fair share of time grinding to turn profits with other people's dollars. Where does time spent with those we care about fit in? Or does that not matter either? Let's forget about what holidays we're even talking about and actually think about what they were meant for in general. Whether you celebrate it or not is irrelevant to me but I have to respect it. What's important to me and anyone that has agreed with me is that holidays are designated days off that should be enjoyed with whatever tradition that suits you. What kills me is the argument 'well not everybody celebrates these holidays'. There's enough of a majority that do...enough to present the importance of these holidays. I don't celebrate a jewish holiday and say that J&R should be open on Yom Kippur. Why should someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving get to be a factor as to whether or not KBs toys store should be open? Now to add to this, if i'm not mistaken...after Christmas day most department stores if not all run special sales and a special returns program. Thanksgiving has black friday where you have people killing each other to get a pair of shoes or the latest gadget. So I feel like department stores that sit open on the holiday are just being needlessly greedy.
  5. He means american culture and traditions at some point should take precedence over things like making money and running a successful business; which a lot of these places are ten times over. A few days off is not going to kill profits and up till now we've all been just fine with these stores closed on major holidays. Only reason any of them started being open on these holidays is to turn out more profits.
  6. I'm with my significant other for 2+ years. In all the craziness that is each other I find the strong foundation is that we can talk about anything. Successful relationships thrive on this amongst several other things. Being able to open up to each other is an acquired taste. I don't mean talking about just the good stuff either. Any schmoe can go on and on about what makes them so great or things they like and whatever. It's when you start opening up about the things that you're not so great with and delve into each others differences and accepting them as part of the person that a connection hits peak. That takes practice and confidence. Most people run at the first sight of a yellow flag never even giving the person a chance. They want this super perfect person that never ever does that one thing that pisses em off. Fact of life is that person doesn't exist. Even your closest friend can do that one thing that seems unforgivable. To sum it up honesty and communication are why finding the right person is so difficult. Majority of people can't be honest about what they want at the beginning and even more people fail to establish good communication skills. Honesty and Communication hit so many categories in the dos and don'ts of relationships and dating. I'd go so far as to actually say all of them.
  7. Having the stores be closed on holidays like this is good for those who actually believe in spending the holidays with loved one. I say keep em closed on the major holidays. They're what...3-5 days outta the year? I don't see the importance. Now....for the people that have to work these days or like working these days; more power to you. Hope you're getting your pay differentials. The way I see it is nobody gets me on a holiday without paying me the extra rate and too many of these companies look for a way around it for god knows why. Now it is true that not everybody celebrates the same holidays. But from what I've seen Jewish places of business are closed on most Jewish holidays. If they can do that there's no reason why other places of business who's customers and employees majorly celebrate things like Christmas and Thanksgiving can't close on said days.
  8. That does seem like a feasible idea. They can really trains at Canal street right?
  9. Leave my Diane alone! She is just fine on the ! >=/
  10. Why is your sig so large sir? x_x;; Anyway this train situation sucks for me. It was my quickest way to work. What i do now is take the to Bway-Lafayette and take the down to CIty Hall and walk to work. I could just switch to the at Atlantic but I like to avoid crowding.
  11. At least I'm on the right page here. I've seen people hop the turnstile in front of station agents. Sometimes I have a hard time believing they're there to do more than sell metrocards to tourists. I always see people arguing with them too.
  12. But what can they really do on the matter? It's not like station agents can chase after them if they see them do it. This is honestly more or a less an NYPD matter and there needs to be more police officers on duty...especially those stations where it seems like there's virtually nobody around.
  13. Yeh it does. Plain and simple they hate him up there. I don't need to say more. You can feel free to ask anyone that lives up there and is able to think for themselves.
  14. How's about that Jacob Javits stop sir? Then we'll talk. Screw the taxi union and the lobbyists.
  15. I don't know what the numbers/statistics say about any of these cars. But when I ride any of these I don't find myself noticing any mechanical faults so to me the cars are reliable.
  16. Nobody who doesn't work for the TA really sees what goes on in the towers to begin with. Hence why the OP is even asking. I'm not thinking about what else is going on in the dispatcher's office when I miss my connection to/from work by 5 seconds from the I wanna switch from. My first natural reaction is to go wtf and that's the same whether i'm in a rush or not.. Yes it happens and its probably not personal but it's still just one of those annoying things.
  17. ^Farebeater.... Anyway this should be good. I guess the MTA wants to sit around a table watching videos laughing and goin 'UMAD!?!'
  18. I'm glad to see you're still around. I've been away for a couple months and got curious about the forums. Once again I see you're still striking the perfect record on making good points. I agree with you on all counts. Keep posting your opinion.
  19. Whats funny is a car is counterproductive to both the driver and the city. Not everybody can afford the hybrids and electrical cars so they'll just go buy the cheapest thing on four wheels which probably will pump monoxide gas like the dickens, guzzle gas like nobody's business and we'd slowly find ourselves back to square one in terms of Go-Green and people would find themselves back to square 1 in terms of trying to find a cheaper alternative..
  20. Oh trust me. I think the hike is absurd. But they been hiking the fare like every year for a while now so for me to every year come here and say how stupid it is, when there are plenty of people who are saying it for me and better than me...kinda redundant. Only a year or so ago I couldn't see past the end of the week in terms of how I'd live on my own. So I know the pain. I just cant get worked up over it anymore. We'll adapt somehow...not happily but we will. Everything has to come to a head eventually.
  21. I'm just in the day and age now where if i can go without it I will. I don't need a 30 day card...and to be spending $125 on one when i can keep my costs low and still not really inconvenience myself, I've no reason not to. I don't have a TV. My internet is cheap...i have enough money to have my own apartment but i share with others just to keep my monthly rent around $600. The only thing I need to cut back on is my eating out. Yeah I have a Mac and an Iphone but they are two of the few luxuries i keep just cuz i feel I deserve a reward once in a while. I realize this isn't the case for many people but I tend not to feel sorry for those who call broke but they have shit in their apartment that probably cost more than what I spend to live.
  22. they need to just raise the base fare and be done with it. Anyway yeah if it raised up to 125 I gotta stop using it. It'd make more sense to use a weekly pass after that.
  23. Yeah that's troubling. Yet nothing said about the 500 extra channels on a cable box that all show the same kinda shit. Mindless at that. How many channels does HBO and Showtime have for instance? Oh and I don't remember who it was that said Public TV is a luxury but that's a funny little thing to say considering how many people pay out their asses monthly for premium cable channels they probably don't even watch. Wonder how many of them have the time to watch them if they have jobs.
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