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  1. Biden was the attack dog I figured he would be and he did it with finesse to boot. I enjoyed that debate very much. He's very comfortable in his shoes. He can drop an F bomb or two and I wouldn't care. I had the pleasure of meeting him once in WIlmington DE while waiting for a train to Philly as well. Was an absolute pleasure to speak to him personally.
  2. I haven't been keeping track of any of the political campaigns mainly because my vote is set. So I agree with Trainmaster that the candidates' job at this point is to cater to the independent voters. I will say the VP debate should be the one to watch. Biden was very tame with Sarah Palin. I highly doubt Paul Ryan will get the same courtesy and I look forward to it.
  3. I think I'm actually stunned to see this ball moving. I guess it still feels like I'm dreaming. But congrats to those on their way in. With any luck I'll see ya there when its my turn. I personally never have an issue releasing my medical records. I never seem to have anything other than cold/flu & I'm due for a check up soon anyway. Never had a surgery and other than some psychological counseling as a teen I'm pretty solid healthy.
  4. You could. Yes. It will just cost you more money. So now you'd be spending more money to mess yourself up. I think the ban is excessive in general mainly because of the kind of country we're allegedly living in. You know freedom of choice and all that crap. But back when I was growing up, 64 oz sodas didn't seem to exist. so this is one of those two way street issues that I cant settle on one side for. Because I can literally sit here and see both sides of the argument without real effort. When people start to inform themselves and make smarter choices we won't see shit like this happening.
  5. I took mine earlier today. I tell ya i hate personality exams but whatever lol. The woman told me they're actually up to the 3000s now so it's possible a lot of us in the 3ks would see an answer in a few months or a year
  6. Weird. I'm gay and I don't give two shits about this issue. It's probably because I see enough issues within the community that need fixing first. I don't even wanna go into that right now. You're not gonna be able to get everybody to accept who you are. That's just a fact of life. What's boycotting a fast food chain going to do to move the CEO's POV? I doubt much if anything at all. As long as the level of customer service I receive isn't lower than the person next to me because of my orientation I have no reason to care. If this is the case then by all means have your boycott. But I feel this is one of those things the community is wasting its time on while other issues that could use the attention go untouched.
  7. It's so nice to see everybody getting along so well. >.> Anyway the last time I was at 242ND STREET VAN CORTLANDT PK STATION (you know...the topic at hand...), the little walk along bridge had me nervous. Floor boards did not feel very stable and the stairs certainly aren't picture perfect of the topic of safety either. But last I checked the MTA was doing station renovations up there weren't they? Do we have any reports on the progress with that? If understood right they were working on Dyckman Street.
  8. I have no idea. I don't actually think you do. But then again if I get one I'm just gonna get a Wifi Ipad. I don't need the 3G to be on it.
  9. My AC hasnt hit the window yet. I'll be off of work tomorrow too. So if it does go near 90, you can find me out in the rockaways.
  10. I am being realistic. That's why I pointed out the people who drop their stuff like every 5 minutes. I've dropped my phone before. But it doesn't magically fall out of my hands daily like I've seen with a lot of people around me.
  11. Technology grows obsolete. That's the nature of it. So eventually you would have to replace that old gadget. But one shouldn't need to purchase a new version of the gadget every year. That just comes down to greed and over-obsession. Typically when you get a new computer or anything, one shouldn't need to replace it for at least 3-4 years. That's with proper care and the once in a while part upgrade for performance sake.
  12. My Iphone is easily the most durable phone I've ever owned. So I don't mind that I shelled out 3-400 bucks for it. I got the first generation phone and I didn't need to replace it till well into last year. So I can't really agree with those who say that Apple releases crap quality products. Aside from that no matter what company you're buying from these high tech products have to be handled with care. Instead I see people dropping their laptops, dropping their phones, dropping everything their hands get ahold of. Then they come crying about how it doesn't last. How the hell do you expect anything you buy to last when you're dropping and banging it all over the place?
  13. I can't really appreciate Spring and Summer themselves when they hog up Winter's time. Temperatures did dip down but there were only like maybe a handful of days where I actually needed to have a winter coat.
  14. Trying to give Via & MHV another place to battle it out?
  15. Eh...who cares who started it. I'm still waiting for how that sorta reaction is justified if it happened at all.
  16. Guess we'll see about that. I just wonder what the other half could consist of that would make picking her up by the neck and doing several eye shots seem justifiable. o_O
  17. Let me know when you've traced the IPs, physical locations as well as confirmed the identities of the hackers. Then I'm down for it.
  18. This is me...still eating my steak...still eatin my burger, still eating any other red meat.
  19. I'm not gonna say anything in reference to the comments themselves, because quite frankly nothing anyone says surprises me anymore. I think I'm more surprised people still listen to radio shows but thats my age showing right there and I'm the first to admit it when this is the case. But if people don't like what he has to say they reserve the right to pull their advertisements and discontinue his show on their networks. There are plenty of people who lost their shows for comments they made. It appears to me this man still has his job. So we're raging here because...? :confused:
  20. What isn't spying on us nowadays? I don't care. Not like I have anything to hide.
  21. Charlie is the man. He should have been doing the transfers for the 160s at some of the stations like Times Square and 74th street Roosevelt.
  22. Nonetheless it is a plausible concern. This is one of those things that could go either way and most are quick to think the same way he does while others don't care.
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