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  1. I don't have a TV (well more like I choose to not have a TV). He can post like this to high heaven for all I care. It's information I'm happy to come here and read. I'd rather read this forum than watch TV for the news anyway. There are a lot of people here that are willing to discuss these issues in a respectable manner and I've enjoyed reading their feedback and hearing their argue points.
  2. I can't see why anyone would willingly leave the station to walk 4 blocks and transfer to a train when its easier to use a connecting train with an easier transfer to reach it. Hell for some, walking that tunnel at Atlantic to get the manhattan train is too much.
  3. I didn't understand that very well but what I did get from it is pretty accurate. Since the numbers will be picked at random, high or low doesn't account for much here.
  4. Dunno where you been but I pretty much see a phone or a laptop out with every other person on the subway already. If the MTA hasn't got the foot up their asses by now for electronics theft they won't start after this.
  5. I totally see where this will come in handy. But I see the opposite as well. I'm concerned about neither side of the equation. As adaptable beings we'll adapt.
  6. When I read my letter, I basically pictured a bunch of talking monkeys in a room screeching and such while one spins a wheel with all our numbers on it to see who gets the next call.
  7. I rather like that the skips Dekalb. But as slowly as it passes by the station it may as well actually stop there and pick up passengers.
  8. damn! Some high numbers on some of you guys. I'm 3436
  9. Well I'm aware of what our current government is. Which is why my previous post exists in the first place. less government isn't going to change anything if the quality of government officials stay the same. Reduce the numbers all you want. What you still have are children playing with our tax dollars. There's just less of them doing it.
  10. More or less government isn't going to make a difference if the games continue. Instead of pushing for more/less government we should be pushing for competent government. Government whose interests lie with the people that placed them in office in the first place.
  11. Wanna be the 6ft 4 or 5 person that has to watch his face/head from hitting one of those? I sure wouldn't. Bad enough they have to watch out for the overhead railings.
  12. I honestly loved the reply he gave to being asked about his ex wife. That is all I will say for now.
  13. I agree with you CenSin. But it still feels unsettling. This actually makes me think of when Napster was shut down.
  14. MegaUpload was a 'mega conspiracy,' Justice Department alleges [updated] - latimes.com The article speaks for itself. Looks like the Gov't has already started to move forward on the so called SOPA.
  15. that area is one big wind tunnel. It doesn't really help much of anything.
  16. I remember seeing one of those crawling around near the tracks on the Kings Highway ( station. I didn't even know we had creatures like that in the city.
  17. Clearly she was after the sweet and sour taste of the Cashier's sauce.
  18. Don't post in the thread then? o_O just an idea. I'm not mad at these guys for downing their websites. its 24 hrs and I think I can get along just fine without wikipedia for a day. Sorry for those of you who can't.
  19. Which probably wont be much of an express run if they're doing track work.
  20. This isn't anywhere close to as bad some of the stories I've heard about brooklyn what with people having to travel all the way to Coney Island before they could get a manhattan bound train. Honestly it was a little confusion for you and a couple stairs to climb. Quit the needless rage.
  21. Settle down ladies. Take your squabble back to the political thread. Anyone else have to break out the ski masks/scarves today?
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