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  1. I can’t speak from a Bus Operator POV, but from a transit rider POV. The Bx8, Bx31, and Bx39 operates good from both Gun Hill and West Farms, but keep in mind that those three routes are at West Farms for a reason. For the Bx8 & Bx31 it had to do with the reopening of West Farms Depot. It was supposed to take back Walnut Depot’s former routes but a few of those routes stayed at the depot they were transferred to. (Bx13 at KB, Bx33 at MCH, Bx4 & Bx5 at GH). It also had to do with a couple of routes converted to artics (Bx4 & Bx5) and West Farms was not able to handle artic buses at that time. Gun Hill had to send the Bx8, Bx14, and Bx31 to make up for the routes that could not go there. Artic buses were accepted at WF a couple of months later when the Bx19 went fully artic by January 2004. For the Bx39 it was Select Bus Service. When the MTA (or whoever) decided to have all the SBS service at one depot for each borough, they decided to send the Bx41 to GH and send the Bx39 to KB. The swap happened in January 2017, sending some of the 2010 LFSA’s from GH to replace the SBS wrapped LFSA’s from KB. The Bx39 was at KB for three years until January 2020 when it was swapped for the Bx15 full route at WF (They wanted the full route and the short turn route all together at KB).
  2. 3072. Yonkers to Charleston Depot. Bus is running on the SIM4C. Just saw it at Richmond Av and Victory Blvd heading to Manhattan. Bus has Charleston Depot stickers on it.
  3. From the Better Buses Action Plan: Story Avenue, Bronx River Avenue and White Plains Road, Bronx NYC DOT will study and implement comprehensive bus and safety improvements on Story Avenue, Bronx River Avenue, and White Plains Road to improve bus speed, bus reliability and pedestrian safety. Potential solutions include bus lanes on Bronx River Avenue between Story Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard, Story Avenue between Bronx River Avenue and White Plains Road, and White Plains Road between Bruckner Boulevard and Lafayette Avenue. Bus lanes on Story Avenue will be daytime-only, with evening and overnight parking permitted. Additional improvements include potential bus stop changes, updates to curb regulations, and a midblock pedestrian crossing. Story Avenue, Bronx River Avenue and White Plains Road - presented to Bronx Community Board 9 Public Safety and Transportation Committee in June 2021 https://www1.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/story-ave-bronx-river-ave-white-plains-rd-cb9-jun2021.pdf Story Avenue, Bronx River Avenue and White Plains Road - presented to Bronx Community Board 9 Public Safety and Transportation Committee in April 2021 https://www1.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/story-ave-bronx-river-ave-white-plains-rd-cb9-apr2021.pdf The improvements has already been implemented since the week of September 5 with the bus stop eliminations on Story Avenue and the relocation of the westbound Bx5 stop on Bronx River Ave and Bruckner Blvd next to the gas station. Bus lanes and other improvements coming soon.
  4. It's too late for the Bx5, seeing that the proposed stops for elimination on Story Avenue have already been implemented due to the Better Buses Program.
  5. OMG. Thank you for that information. I was reading through so much on that spreadsheet that I didn’t notice that the B39 had actually increased not decreased. I just went through it again and the B39 is the only route that increased out of all the routes. That is definitely quite a surprise.
  6. https://new.mta.info/agency/new-york-city-transit/subway-bus-ridership-2020 The ridership statistics are out. Some changes: The Bus Ridership tables (NYCT and MTA Bus) are now in the same chart. You can now see all the Express Bus Routes (BxM, BM, QM, SIM, X) together, as well as all of Queens bus routes. (The B100 and B103 is with the rest of the Brooklyn bus routes and the Bx23 is with the rest of the Bronx bus routes.) There was a surprise move in the Top 10 busiest routes by bus. (One route that's been on the list for years has dropped off the list, but another route that hasn't been on the list for a while has returned.) I'll let you figure out which one was which. No surprise here. Every bus route lost ridership mostly due to the pandemic. The surprise: how much did each bus route lost in ridership. Some routes lost big. Others did not. Keep in mind that this might not reflect the actual numbers due to the fact that Local buses were free during a point of time in the pandemic. (They count passengers through the farebox) Passengers were rear door boarding and exiting the bus due to the MTA blocking the front part with chains, seatbelts or plastic partition to ensure safety for their drivers, and since the farebox is located near the driver, passenger had no access to pay on the bus making the ride free. Enjoy.
  7. You’re right about that. There are a couple of Nova Artics at West Farms that have either a Tuskegee Airmen, Kingsbridge, or Gun Hill sticker on them, and yet none of them has ever left that depot. (They were WF since their delivery back in 2012.) I’ll get the numbers later on.
  8. It was not a late night component. This was around 10pm at night and it went down to Clasons Point and back to Wakefield. I know because I was on that bus; I got on it on Morris Park Avenue heading down. If it was a late night component, it would have ended at Gun Hill Road and turn back into a Bx41. I know that there were missing buses on the Bx39 because not that many buses were appearing on BusTime. That’s probably was the case why 1265 was running on the Bx39.
  9. So 1265 from GH is running on the Bx39. Must be a loan.
  10. It is. I saw it over a week ago (Friday, 10/16 to be exact) outside parked at the Conduit Avenue entrance ramp near the Lefferts Blvd AirTrain Station. I was on the B15 when I saw it. Instead of getting off at the station, I stayed on to go by the facility at JFK to see if there was other new buses, but there were none. I stayed on the B15 until the last stop, got off and took the AirTrain back to Lefferts Blvd and surprise 9560 was still there. As I got off the train and walked towards where the bus was parked, 9560 turned on and drove off on the highway. I never saw a bus drove away that fast. I felt like Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner from the “Looney Tunes” cartoons. LOL. Hopefully I’ll get to see it again before it gets assigned to a Depot.
  11. Actually, it was Yukon that had them first. Fresh Pond didn’t get any NG’s until the BT&E buses came in 2011. (The 90 Orion 3G’s, NewFlyer XD, NovaLFS buses that were testing at Castleton, Queens Village, and Ulmer Park)
  12. All buses in the Bronx Division have OMNY Readers installed, and ready to go online starting today (October 13). Please be advised that some of WF 40 footers (mostly the C40LF) have only one OMNY Reader installed at the front and none at the rear door. IMO the reason for that is to meet the deadline for the Bronx. I’m sure they’ll install the second reader later on. Don’t be surprised if they follow suit with Brooklyn and Queens’ 40 footers. If they install two OMNY Readers, great; if they install only one, not a big deal at this time. They will install the second one when they’re good and ready. As long as they meet their deadline, then it’s fine. * For those who don’t know what IMO means it’s “In My Opinion “. I put that in this post due to the fact that their is no factual reasons for the single OMNY Readers in some of the 40 footers in WF at this time. This is just based on observation.
  13. Here's the latest from the Bronx: OMNY Readers EC: 2926, 3175-3176, 3179, 3255, 3264, 3266-3267, 3271, 3276-3278, 3310-3313, 3316, 3369, 3372, 3394-3395, 3397, 3399-3400, 3403, 3405-3406, 3409, 3412-3413, 3421, 3424, 3430, 3433, 3437, 3439-3440, 3442-3443, 3447, 3449, 3454, 4024 GH: 1208, 1237, 1239, 1247, 1274, 1282, 5316, 5774, 5806, 5808, 5982, 8326, 8748-8749 KB: 1207, 1210, 1248, 1289, 5286, 5289, 5298, 5333, 5337, 5342, 5789, 5815, 5848, 5862 WF: 331, 689, 1001, 1003, 1005, 1027 YO: 2247, 3065, 3081, 3083, 3091, 3106, 3182, 3187, 3254, 3270, 3351, 3365, 3376, 3389, 3456 OMNY Bases GH: 5781 KB: 1258-1259, 1263, 1266, 5842, 5856, 5966 WF: 272, 1000, 1012-1013, 1019, 1026, 1028, 1044, 1060, 5264, 5275, 5963, 5980 OMNY Bases to Readers EC: 3265, 3368, 3418, 3420, 3427 GH: 1222-1224, 1233, 1243, 1245, 1265, 1279, 5301, 5474, 8342 KB: 1254, 5349, 5805, 5819 WF: 1045, 1065, 1069, 5272, 5284, 5296, 5356, 5360, 5362, 5857, 5945 YO: 3074, 3094

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