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  1. Ok first off the trip will start at 11:30 am so meet at the Uptown platform at 11:30 am at the 10 car marker The one going to Manhattan
  2. lol West End rocks

  3. yeah i guess but i said that just in case you know
  4. BE ADVISED When we get up to Coney Island on the we will take the up to Atlantic Avenue were the trip will end also bring at least enough money for a fun day pass and lunch thanks =D PS. There will be a 2nd pick up at Coney Island on the N 10 car maker at 11:30
  5. they used to have it elevated but then in the 50's it went down and they started building underground. So it used to be elevated but then it went down because the city went up.
  6. I hate the shuttle because it took about more than 1 hour from Queens plaza to Jay street
  7. hey its me dennis from the presidents day bronx bash

  8. I would take the R32 also but, I heard that the R160's will be going on the V
  9. sure no problem if we have time at the end we could do the West End or anything we can vote on
  10. Since I am new I wanted to do a rail fanning trip. So the meet place would be Atlantic/Pacific street Uptown Platform at the 10 car marker. From there we would take: up to Coney Island up to 57th street up to Forest Hills up to Coney Island And in Between we would stop for lunch and that's where the trip will end We would meet at 10:30 am and be done by 6:00 pm so I hope you can come. PS. If no more then 6 people could come the trip will be cancelled. So RSVP!!
  11. I am new to this website and I am very happy to be here. My Favorite train lines are the and my favorite line is the West End. I hope to have a fun time here.
  12. OMG I wish I was there I had a dream about and R62 on the West End not the Sea Beach lol
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