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  1. At this rate the is better off hiring those people pushers on the Tokyo Metro. https://bpmforreal.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/subway-pushers-in-tokyo.jpg
  2. Also people are forgetting that the Port Authority proposed this since they own a lot of land in Red Hook. Do not forget about the Red Hook Container Terminal. A lot of that land is theirs. If they can get this subway extension then they can flip it for a lot of cash. Something like the World Trade Center, but at a much larger scale.
  3. Interesting fact however was that the R68, and R68A's were supposed to come with new technology. However the was so shocked by the issues they encountered with the R44, and R46's that they went with the most archaic technology that they could come with. If you ever wanted a look at what the R68, and R68A's were supposed to look like they would have looked like the trains that runs on the Tren Urbano Metro in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Though the is about to overhaul the R68, and R68A's so they will come with some new technology soon.
  4. Supposedly it has been moved to the proposed section for now. It is to be decided later on whether the line should be built.
  5. Monorails are a terrible idea for New York City. Already in Newark they have to replace the Newark (monorail) Airtrain only after 20 years of service. You might as well construct a subway line actually.
  6. I would rather see the extended into Queens. Serving J.F.K. Airport, and the southeastern areas of New York City is more important than a one station extension into a former swamp. Also you have to remember that the areas south of Brooklyn College along with most of the Utica Avenue area was former swampland also. That was why the original proposals showed them as being elevated for the Nostrand Avenue Line south of Brooklyn College, and for the whole Utica Avenue Line as well. The water table is extremely high there. Similar to that of south Florida. Modern tunneling methods could help, but judging from the recent works of the into high water table areas such as South Ferry along with 34th Street you might as well build an elevated line.
  7. There might be some use for a new tunnel. If they build the I.N.D. Worth Street Line which will probably never happen there already.
  8. There is a fantasy map play thing made by Michael Calcagno. If you want you could play around with it. I have it on here. http://s9.postimg.org/ix27yxcil/yourmap.gif Another one that I color coded. I had always planned on making it a full subway fantasy map. I might do it sometime. http://i740.photobucket.com/albums/xx43/Roadcruiser1/yourmapblank.gif
  9. What worries me is the fact that they will not do that. The best idea would be to use the nearby highways. Underneath the Brooklyn Queens Expressway there is enough room to build a light rail system that can be kept away from traffic. In Red Hook it can be elevated, but if it will run into traffic then it will fail instantly.
  10. I rather see this turned into a light rail. You have so many nearby highways, and wide roads along this route except for the Red Hook area, but even then you can elevate it. Once you have such a system it is possible to continue to expand it, and connect it to other light rail proposals. Maybe you can even do a study to see if you can extend such a line across the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.
  11. The is holding a meeting about the new soon. I think I should go, and convince them to extend the line to South Brooklyn at least during rush hours to help back the , and finally solve the problem caused by the removal of the brown .
  12. You can't have three services running on two tracks. . At 8 trains per hour that is too little of service. It has to be at least 15 trains per hour per line to provide decent service. .
  13. I would like to see another tunnel built near the B.M.T. 60th Street Tunnels. . They are pretty much already at overcapacity. . Keep the I.N.D. 63rd Street Tunnels for the I.N.D. 2nd Avenue Subway, and the I.N.D. Queens Boulevard Super Express using the so that way you can increase the current capacity of trains running on the I.N.D. Queens Boulevard Line too as well. .
  14. Even if you want to extend the to South Brooklyn you will have to bring it down with the to avoid the skip stop issues on the B.M.T. Jamaica Line, but in doing so you will have no room to extend the to South Brooklyn regardless, and you will no longer have enough room to run the to South Brooklyn either. . So now you have the , and terminate at Whitehall Street, and the , and the running through the B.M.T. Montague Street Tunnels instead, and the , and will have to follow the same route together to preserve their timing so they will both have to end up going to Bay Ridge - 95th Street. . Will this be a good solution? . I see it as 50/50. . Maybe you will still have the routing issue now moved on over to the , but maybe you can run skip stop into South Brooklyn? .
  15. As a resident of South Brooklyn a lot of people do use the to get to Midtown. They usually are the people living in Bay Ridge. Also there are a lot of people that use it to get off at the local stops rather than transfer. I scoff at your idea of thinking that extending what is already said to be an extremely long line which is the , and to be a better solution. It will only slow things down even more by making the , and to be longer than the current train. Even more laughable is your thought that transferring will make things better. It will just make the extremely crowded 36th Street, and Atlantic Avenue - Barclays Center stations even more crowded, and will make things worse for the , and which never had any trouble to begin with so now your will make a former issue affect the , and making things worse. I would prefer to see a new tunnel built instead. I would rather see the 63rd Street Tunnel preserved for future services on the 2nd Avenue Line.
  16. Another issue with extending the , and the is that if you do you have to pull out the , and that leaves southwest Brooklyn without access to Midtown along with cutting the 4th Avenue Local access to Midtown. . That would not be popular across the board. . People down here want access to Chinatown, and 34th Street. .
  17. If Cuomo really wants to be like Robert Moses then he would ignore their complaints, and build it anyways. . If they still complain then bulldoze their living areas. .
  18. Skip stop has nothing to do with stations, but with timing. . Also your idea to eliminate the is terrible. . Please think before saying something stupid. .
  19. It has more to do with relieving crowding on the South Brooklyn Lines, and to increase service, but even then the B.M.T. West End Line would win, because it has a higher ridership number than the B.M.T. Sea Beach Line. . Ridership for the B.M.T. West End Line : 18,624,302. (2015.). . Ridership for the B.M.T. Sea Beach Line : 16,000,000. (2015.). .
  20. In some ways it does on the local side. If you see the recent complaints about the train. However even if a new is sent to South Brooklyn I would like to see something like what happened when the north side of the Manhattan Bridge reopened in if the B.M.T. Sea Beach Line, or the B.M.T. West End Line is the line that benefits more with the running there.
  21. Extending the to Brooklyn will not happen unless if you kill the , because doing so will make skip stop service impossible hence you will get the residents along the B.M.T. Jamaica, and Myrtle Avenue Lines to skin you alive.
  22. The money went into a black hole of corruption obviously. It is never going to come back out.
  23. Finally. . Now I never have to worry about falling through the rusted through stairs while walking towards the platforms at the Sea Beach Stations. . I was always afraid it would finally give way, and take me down to the tracks below. .
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