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  1. At this rate the is better off hiring those people pushers on the Tokyo Metro. https://bpmforreal.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/subway-pushers-in-tokyo.jpg
  2. Also people are forgetting that the Port Authority proposed this since they own a lot of land in Red Hook. Do not forget about the Red Hook Container Terminal. A lot of that land is theirs. If they can get this subway extension then they can flip it for a lot of cash. Something like the World Trade Center, but at a much larger scale.
  3. Interesting fact however was that the R68, and R68A's were supposed to come with new technology. However the was so shocked by the issues they encountered with the R44, and R46's that they went with the most archaic technology that they could come with. If you ever wanted a look at what the R68, and R68A's were supposed to look like they would have looked like the trains that runs on the Tren Urbano Metro in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Though the is about to overhaul the R68, and R68A's so they will come with some new technology soon.
  4. The is holding a meeting about the new soon. I think I should go, and convince them to extend the line to South Brooklyn at least during rush hours to help back the , and finally solve the problem caused by the removal of the brown .
  5. You want to really threaten Albany, and Washington D.C.? Threaten to shut down the Subway System. The Politicians will give in, because Politicians will care about the votes. They don't want a City of 8 million people angry at them.
  6. The R.O.W. is open cut so it can be built above it, and the 63rd Street Tunnel was built for it anyway. The is just too cheap to spend the extra $400 million in building it .
  7. Nope. You can't do this. Skip stop service is not similar to express, or local service, and would require the removal of the . Not just that, but it wouldn't work out well for the either. In fact a better idea would be to end skip stop service .
  8. Here's an idea. Build that God damn IND Queens Boulevard Super Express, and move the , and the future Second Avenue service into those tracks, move the into the express tracks, and then move the into the local tracks which did allow for future extensions into Eastern Queens.
  9. When I mean rush hour I mean limited service. It could even be one train per hour. People don't really care
  10. Here's my proposal. Whitehall Street to Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard except for rush hours when the runs to Bay Parkway. No late night, or weekend service. When in service it will run as the Broadway local at all times.
  11. I am more focused on the attention of finishing the Second Avenue Subway in the first place. Instead of just coming up with random ideas how about waiting till the Second Avenue Subway is complete first? Phase 3, and phase 4 hasn't even happened yet, and we are talking about expanding it already
  12. What's sad is that it's an 8 mile subway line. In other countries this did be bigger, and almost done by now.........
  13. Listen women these days are so hypocritical. They say they want this, but then it's not good enough for them. You can be as nice as a butterfly, but if you don't have looks girls will just act like you don't exist. I have seen men treat women nicely yet women act like it's a one way street. Women nowadays think that they own the street. So yeah go ahead, and call me sexist, but I see it that way. Carry it on..
  14. No. Why? Here are two real reasons this won't take place. 1) The Channel Tunnel is a railway tunnel for high speed railroads. Railroads, and subways are different. Subway carry people to other local destinations however railroads are used to carry people from city to city, or country to country. Therefore your example is terrible. 2) A tunnel between Manhattan, and Staten Island would be so long, and so expensive that it will never work. The distance between the two islands is around 8 miles. This means that the tunnel would be as long as the Second Avenue Subway. However what makes this even more expensive is that this is underwater construction. Constructing 1 mile of underwater tunnel costs $1 billion U.S.D. which means that the tunnel you are asking to construct would literally cost $8 billion U.S.D., and to be honest no one would pay all that just for something between Staten Island, and Manhattan. If you instead proposed a tunnel between Staten Island, and Brooklyn that did be more real, and would make more sense......
  15. Pet peeve? People. People suck!!!!!!!!!
  16. The should connect to the Fulton Street Line. Use it to back up the to Lefferts. Afterwards reactivate the Rockaway Beach Branch, and extend the down there. That would be my plan however it was originally proposed like this back in the Second System Plan. Of course this would only make sense after you construct the Queens Boulevard Super Express. It did make the system more efficient!
  17. http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/500x/45619126.jpg LOL.........
  18. There is nothing wrong with the current two track plan. The doesn't even have enough money to build four tracks if they wanted to. Besides most metro systems in the world have only two tracks. In New York City we are spoiled to have a four track system....
  19. It would make more sense to just wait for the Second Avenue Subway .........
  20. It's such a short line. There would be no need for any express service. It would be just as useless as a Sea Beach, or West End Express..........
  21. Just extend the down Northern Boulevard down to Queensborough Community College. It would help take some load from the extension, and probably still solve all problems..........
  22. Here is what the has to say about it. http://www.mta.info/capconstr/sas/documents/final_summary_report.pdf!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Bee Gees - Their Greatest Hits...........http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnQuYv5gY-g
  24. That's why I planned to send the down there, but forget it now due to the fact it won't work.........

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