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  1. lol, what did i miss on that 'W should return if SAS opens' thread? ftr, i can't believe it even got that far. not the thread, the other part.

  2. hey... txt me or pm me on yt if you found the R68 (G) yet. I'm trying to catch the R46's until they're gone.

  3. and it will be replaced by a private bus company

  4. !!! !!!!!! !!!

    (MTA) is going to cut L.I. bus! :eek:

  5. Are you up for a subway trip next saturday? I want to go to High Line Park.

  6. "You And Gordon get along just fine. lol"


  7. btw I can railfan this weekend. Ive decided not to be always available to Michelle :P

  8. I think your going to need a drain after you finish foaming over your R42 F Train

  9. You and Gordon get along just fine. lol

  10. FOAM FOAM R42 (F) train FOAM FOAM

    gimme a mop

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