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  1. Experienced two BIEs yesterday, one on the TOMC and one on a NB (E) before Grand Ave. It seems the controller slipped out of the T/O's hand with the (E) since the train started to move again in 15 seconds. Those brakes on the R160's suck! Took about 15 seconds to stop from 25 MPH.

    1. R188 7857

      R188 7857

      yea, what was going on? I experienced the BIE going manhattan bound at 52 street. I heard there was signal problems..

    2. Orion VII 4 Life

      Orion VII 4 Life

      I love how I've never had a train go BIE on me... ever

    3. Broadway Local

      Broadway Local

      The operators are just slower on a R160. That's all!

      And yeah signal malfunction at 52nd St cause the train to stop.

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