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  1. This is a very concerning and scary time for NYCT, quite possibly it's biggest challenge since the financial crisis of 1975 and 9/11 combined. I have a really bad feeling the subway system is gonna start seriously deteriorating and we're gonna start seeing graffiti and deferred maintenance on every single subway car in service (just like the 1970s and 1980s) if the isn't getting the money it needs to carry out improvements. Off topic here, but that worries me too. The nation cannot continue divided as it is right now, people are tired of things being like this, it's completely unsustainable. The last thing the world needs is to be one huge dictatorship, which would be a nightmare for humanity.
  2. R179 out of service for the second time in a row. Now I can see why Bombardier almost went out of business and Alstom took over their train manufacturing division. The R179s have a really bleak future here...
  3. RIP to legendary train photographer and photo collector Joe Testagrose, just read the news of his death. I remember going on nycsubway.org in the late-2000s as a kid seeing his photos of long gone trains from past decades. I never get tired of looking at them to this day still. Joe's photos will live on for future generations to come. He will never be forgotten. 😞
  4. On an interesting note from the IRT, Westchester set 2470-2475 is now apart of the . Just spotted a few days ago heading northbound.
  5. Interesting update to put here: Mastercard has posted the first OMNY related advertisement on Twitter earlier this week. According to Second Avenue Sagas, the ad apparently aired on break during the 62nd Grammy Awards. From the looks of the DOWNTOWN yellow tile by the camera panning at the band near the end of the commercial to the far left, it was likely filmed at 163rd Street on the .
  6. No... NO!!! There goes any chance of the gaining any respect from the general public in terms of service and reputation. He is gonna be missed by alot of New Yorkers for a long time. It feels like the subway is doomed. 😞
  7. I should mention by base I mean the square on the bottom part of the turnstyle above the MetroCard swipe. If that doesn't count then I apologize for the mistake.
  8. 137th Street-City College has bases. May look at the rest of the line north of that stop sometime soon to look out for anything OMNY related on the turnstyles.
  9. 2356-2360 of the has the original side signs although the front one has been updated.
  10. Is there a good chance the runs for the first day will not happen this weekend? I'm seeing the weather for this Sunday, and it's rain all day (i.e. people less likely to attend, not to mention keeping the vintage equipment away from bad weather as what happened with the Lo-V a few years ago; a run to Yankee Stadium cancelled due to rain).
  11. Assortment of vintage train operations of the early fall from late September to late October. It has been a long time since I've last done a dedicated photo post, but I thought I'd go ahead anyways since the heavily awaited Holiday Rides are starting this weekend. We will begin by viewing the Parade of Trains and end with the 115th anniversary celebration plus a video. Enjoy!
  12. Was onboard a Manhattanville unit on the M96 yesterday (an Orion VII NG) that had a 'coming soon' reader. Didn't memorize the number though.
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