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  1. Liking how this website has improved. :) 

    1. Harry


      Still a couple of bugs here and there but I'm working hard to iron them all out. Thanks!

  2. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Wow, just really wow... http://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/transit/2017/09/20/second-avenue-subway-reportedly-opened-with-thousands-outstanding-defects-mta-nyc.html
  3. Labor Day weekend showing Boston's subway and more. Enjoy! (9/2/2017) (9/3/2017) (9/2/2017) (9/3/2017)
  4. An R68A train arriving at Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets on the Queens-bound track during a weekend service change in which the line operated in two sections. This section is the part between this stop and Bedford-Nostrand Avenues. Taken August 27th, 2017.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  5. NJTransit MultiLevel Coach 7007 at Hoboken

    NJTransit Multi-Level Coach 7007 on Track 11 at Hoboken Terminal. Taken August 22nd, 2017.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  6. West of the Hudson

    First NJTransit picture post. Enjoy! (8/16/2017) (8/22/2017)
  7. Goodbye August

    (Taken 8/27/2017) Pictures and videos of the last Sunday of August 2017. Enjoy!
  8. (D)iana

    Today is the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. Here's a tribute through some pictures and videos of the train from earlier this year. (2/21/2017) (7/9/2017) (Videos from 2/21/2017)
  9. Transit Memes

  10. Musical Youth-Pass the Dutchie
  11. (Taken 8/25/2017) A nice Friday afternoon at Harlem-125th Street. Please enjoy!
  12. The NYC subway in 2021

    I'll be 20 years old by that time. Here's what I think would happen in 2021. -Subway expansion is being seriously considered to meet up with capacity. -Last of the old IND/BMT train cars (R32, R42, and R46) retiring from service by the R211s. SIR R44 are also being retired by the R211 version for the railroad. -R179's dominate most of B division. - begins to design new A & B division NTTs to replace the R62/62A & R68/68A as the 1980's subway cars begin to reach their age limit. -CBTC installation of the rest of IRT lines is being planned. - * & become one of the most reliable lines in the entire system thanks to CBTC signalling (this is after the train shutdown is complete). -Construction underway for phase 2 of the 2nd Avenue Subway (then again, it could be possibly delayed). trying to seek funding for phase 3. -Cortlandt Street on the line is part of a massive transit complex that connects many subway lines together. -The rebuilding process of subway infrastructure post 9/11 in the Financial District should be complete. -Fare is at $3.00. *Hudson Yards complex is almost done; this makes 34th Street-Hudson Yards station see an increase of passengership. Any thoughts of these predictions?
  13. All of 7th Avenue, Uptown

    (Taken 8/13/2017) It's a while since I've done a photo post. 3 pics of all of the IRT 7th Avenue line in subway stations uptown. Please enjoy!
  14. This is by far the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. What a waste of time and money. They need to do real improvements to the subway, not on stuff like this.


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