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  1. and between 116th Street and 42nd Street. Trains both local and express operate at pretty fast speeds on that section. Also: - Mets-Willets Point and Queensboro Plaza (both AM and PM rush) and - Roosevelt Avenue and Forest Hills-71st Avenue (you will see alot of fast express train flybys at the local stops between those stations. and - 34th Street and West 4th Street - 21st Street and Greenpoint Avenue - 145th Street and Dyckman Street
  2. The MTA will commence a study that will bring back passenger service to the Bay Ridge Branch, a line long served by freight trains. The article states that the study would be the first part towards a possible Triboro RX, a proposed train line that has been brought up constantly by politicians since the mid-1990s. https://brooklynreporter.com/2019/10/mta-studies-plan-to-resurrect-passenger-trains-between-bay-ridge-and-queens/?fbclid=IwAR3arrHpv-dcarlWAJ2G1wF5WzoZ49HAx7Fv1aqhIimP0cp7NWnjLbkB3sY Let's see where this will go from here. It will be a pretty interesting study to look at. By the way, 2024 (5 years from the current time) will be the 100th anniversary of the final time the LIRR ran passenger service on the branch.
  3. Riding the R62s today throughout Manhattan and I see car numbers which remind me of the crucial years of the history of our world: 1776 on the - year of the creation of the United States 1492 on the - year that Christopher Columbus first discovered the Americas Just an interesting observation.
  4. (Taken 7/27/2019) Orion VII 6652 on the M3 at 135th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue receiving passengers as it enters it's last months in service.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  5. (Taken 7/27/2019) Orion VII 6612 on the Q24 westbound on Atlantic Avenue in eastern Brooklyn heading towards Bedford-Stuyvesant (near Kosciusko Street station to be a bit specific).

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  6. (Taken 7/27/2019) GM Old Look G572 next to a vintage Mercury car for the filming of San Huan Hill. San Juan Hill was actual neighborhood that existed on the west side of Manhattan between Amsterdam Avenue and Columbus Avenue from 60th Street to 66th Street in the early to mid 20th Century and was home to two of the most famous cultural touchstones ever known historically, the Charleston and Bebop as well as being the location of the original film West Side Story before infamous city planner Robert Moses cleared the area as part of 'urban renewal' to make way for Lincoln Center in the early 1960s.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  7. (Taken 8/9/2019) A Broad Street-bound R160 train arriving at Bowery. This is the second stop along with the train's destination that the Jamaica line has to itself in Manhattan as the rest of the next few stops all have transfers (except for an unofficial transfer at Broad Street to the and via a passageway that is open weekdays only). It is also the oldest subway stop in Manhattan with no transfers that has an escalator.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  8. (Taken 8/18/2019) The BRT Gate Cars approaching Hewes Street in a fan trip commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of Myrtle Avenue el service to Bridge/Jay Streets (which used to go to Park Row via the Brooklyn Bridge if one goes a bit more back).

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  9. R179 3190 closes it's doors without the famous Charlie Pellet announcement after saying the next stop. This is also on the .
  10. Interesting find here. The speedometers on the subway cars mentioned that are currently in service (R62s, R68s, R32 & R42) are still holding up well. I thought they were originally installed in the 80s as part of the efforts to modernize the existing fleet that was in use then.
  11. I saw the Arnines partially empty on it's trip heading uptown while it was passing by Columbus Circle yesterday. Everyone was at the front, the rest of the train cars were almost empty. Clearly the hot weather made everyone stay home which is a surprise considering when an Arnine fan trip happens, alot of people show up for it (although this was not the case at Coney Island and 175th Street).
  12. Does this mean they're getting new refuse trains like the R127/R134 or are they just simply getting rid of the refuse train altogether?
  13. Bad news to share. I'm honestly praying that this is just a rumor and nothing more. They know well that everybody loves that place.
  14. I've been watching some Kids Next Door lately... Man do I wanna go back to a simpler time. 

  15. I spotted those hearts on a few R62As today, and NYCT has mentioned it on Twitter. They started appearing on the line just yesterday. Seems the wants to commemorate Pride Month.

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