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  1. I saw the Arnines partially empty on it's trip heading uptown while it was passing by Columbus Circle yesterday. Everyone was at the front, the rest of the train cars were almost empty. Clearly the hot weather made everyone stay home which is a surprise considering when an Arnine fan trip happens, alot of people show up for it (although this was not the case at Coney Island and 175th Street).
  2. Does this mean they're getting new refuse trains like the R127/R134 or are they just simply getting rid of the refuse train altogether?
  3. Bad news to share. I'm honestly praying that this is just a rumor and nothing more. They know well that everybody loves that place.
  4. I've been watching some Kids Next Door lately... Man do I wanna go back to a simpler time. 

  5. I spotted those hearts on a few R62As today, and NYCT has mentioned it on Twitter. They started appearing on the line just yesterday. Seems the wants to commemorate Pride Month.
  6. http://gothamist.com/2019/06/04/andy_byford_mta_subway.php If Byford leaves, there goes any last hope of a chance that the subway system will shine from the state it is in now. Sadly not gonna change anytime soon. Next 3-5 years from now, the political interference is gonna hit a boiling point; MTA, NYCT and the city isn't going to be able to take this crap anymore.
  7. (Taken 5/18/2019) Orion VII NG 3890 operates the M1 waiting to cross 23rd Street with the famed Flatiron Building ahead of it.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  8. (Taken 5/17/2019) R62A (S)huttle train arriving on Track 3 at Grand Central Terminal during the AM rush.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  9. (Taken 5/17/2019) An R160 entering 96th Street from layup to fill to begin service as a (Q) train.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  10. (Taken 5/20/2019) Brooklyn-bound R68 (N) train arriving at 30th Avenue on a hot day in Astoria.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  11. (Taken 5/27/2019) Not in service R32 on a snake layup at 104th Street-Oxford Avenue on a hot Memorial Day. The layup goes on until 111th Street-Greenwood Avenue in the distance of the right of the picture.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  12. (Taken 5/27/2019) A view of a not in service R32 at 104th Street-Oxford Avenue.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  13. If the MTA ever filed for bankruptcy, we'd be basically having both the city and state government declaring a state of emergency because of the transit system's importance to the city. It would not be surprising if the subway was put under a federal monitor to make sure things don't escalate quickly. There'd also be a huge emergency meeting over what agency would replace the MTA and who would fund it. In terms of media coverage, it would be regarded as one of the biggest events of NYC in the early-21st century.
  14. There was some overcrowding at 79th Street on the train last night during the PM rush thanks to an entrance on the other side that is closed for repairs. http://gothamist.com/2019/05/29/video_subway_platform_overcrowding.php As a longtime line rider since childhood, I feel like service is slowly on the decline. Just today, I was on a Bronx-bound train that went express to 145th Street because of a train at 137th Street that had some issues. The needs an improvement in terms of timing and more attention from the in general as it has been getting crowded from riders of the , , and , especially the weekends.
  15. I never knew homelessness on the subway was this bad. And a whole car too... City government needs to take control of the situation, it's getting worse and worse by the day. It's not the first time though, I remember a long time ago there was a picture with a similar situation on the train.

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