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  1. New Flyer Xclesior XD40 7440 on the Q100

    (Taken 11/12/2017) New Flyer Xclesior XD40 7440 on the Q100 heading northbound on 21st Street to Rikers Island.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  2. Fall In Full Gear

    Pictures and two videos from throughout November. Enjoy!
  3. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The last time the ever ran another train car was in the late 2000's, and I think it was a bunch of R32's and 42's that have since been scrapped.
  4. A New Beginning

    (Taken 11/19/2017) 2 pics of the R179 on it's first day in service. Enjoy!
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    It was nice seeing the R179 in action yesterday. I'm happy that it's finally seeing passenger service.
  6. Another mad shooting in Texas today. Man I’m so done with this stuff happening... 😒

    1. MysteriousBtrain


      That's the world we live in. Sadly it's normal, especially for a New Yorker.

  7. Liking how this website has improved. :) 

    1. Harry


      Still a couple of bugs here and there but I'm working hard to iron them all out. Thanks!

    2. TheNewYorkElevated
  8. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Wow, just really wow... http://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/transit/2017/09/20/second-avenue-subway-reportedly-opened-with-thousands-outstanding-defects-mta-nyc.html
  9. Labor Day weekend showing Boston's subway and more. Enjoy! (9/2/2017) (9/3/2017) (9/2/2017) (9/3/2017)
  10. An R68A train arriving at Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets on the Queens-bound track during a weekend service change in which the line operated in two sections. This section is the part between this stop and Bedford-Nostrand Avenues. Taken August 27th, 2017.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  11. NJTransit MultiLevel Coach 7007 at Hoboken

    NJTransit Multi-Level Coach 7007 on Track 11 at Hoboken Terminal. Taken August 22nd, 2017.

    © TheNewYorkElevated

  12. West of the Hudson

    First NJTransit picture post. Enjoy! (8/16/2017) (8/22/2017)
  13. Goodbye August

    (Taken 8/27/2017) Pictures and videos of the last Sunday of August 2017. Enjoy!
  14. (D)iana

    Today is the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. Here's a tribute through some pictures and videos of the train from earlier this year. (2/21/2017) (7/9/2017) (Videos from 2/21/2017)
  15. Transit Memes


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