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  1. Don't worry about that. 5249 has been persevered for the NYTM. In fact, they have multiple RTS saved for the Transit Museum.
  2. The held a farewell celebration for the RTS Series on May 6th, 2019 that was a part of the transit system for 38 years. It was a great event; saw many transit officials and enthusiasts present. Hard to believe there were many of these on the streets of the Big Apple months ago and just like that it's all over. Anyways, here's the pictures from the farewell. A special thank you to the people that organized this event. Enjoy!
  3. Depends. I imagine there would be a few subway cars preserved (some would be saved as a form of Amercian pride as it is fully built and manufactured in the U.S., plus it's status as the oldest operating subway train in the world) but many would be scrapped.
  4. A huge thank you to the folks at the that organized the farewell of the RTS yesterday. It was great to see 38 years of history be celebrated one last time. They did, the interior smelled fresh and clean when I stepped inside 5241. The floor, the seats, even the ceiling where the air conditioner is.
  5. Both of the yards that 42nd Street Shuttle is a part of is R62As and those aren't getting NTTs anytime soon. The is likely waiting for the R262s to come in to begin CBTC installation on that line.
  6. I'm a bit 50/50 on this. 50 on the grounds that it would improve bus service on the M14 (which is a great thing) and 50 on the concern that it would cause major traffic issues since 14th Street is used by cars a lot, and the roads south of 14th head into different directions and how would 23rd Street and 34th Street (as well as the one direction avenues) would handle the huge traffic from 14th, especially the bus routes.
  7. They're working now? Cool, I'll try it out whenever I pass through there. BTW, are there any plans for the general public to get their hands on an OMNY card if they don't have a phone or debit/credit card?
  8. If anything, this means that we should be thankful Byford isn't gonna give in to Cuomo's bullshit and that he ain't going anywhere anytime soon. The reason why that is it's because the only thing that matters to the politicians in power at the moment is just saving their ass and not caring about the public at large. They only care about themselves sadly.
  9. The Washington Post is reporting that Congress will threaten to hold of funding for the WMATA if it purchases railcars made by CRRC. The company is currently trying to land the contract to build the upcoming 8000 series which is due to debut on the system in 2024. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting/senators-to-metro-no-more-federal-funding-if-you-buy-chinese-rail-cars/2019/04/13/99d22b7a-5cab-11e9-9625-01d48d50ef75_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.f19e9c700e00
  10. Here's the second batch of photos from last month, March, plus videos from the beginning of the year in general.
  11. It's been a long time I've posted a photo/video thread. Here's a set of them starting from February. Enjoy!
  12. On a related note, more and more R179s are popping up on the by the day.
  13. Not surprising to see here to say the least. is running pretty slow due to timers and other issues causing long wait times for this train, is always tends to show up first before the (I've seen alot of folks riding it more often when they're riding northbound and southbound on 8th Ave). The is alright though, it does pretty well on 8th Ave local. So well, it's more quicker than the and during weekdays. That's actually 181st Street on the .
  14. Seems some firm is trying to help CRRC land the contract to build the R262. https://about.bgov.com/news/manafort-linked-firm-helps-china-company-chase-nyc-subway-deal/
  15. Wow, it's time isn't it? New York City is never gonna be the same when these buses retire. The RTS series in general have been serving this city since the 80s. It's witnessed the rapid change the Big Apple underwent at the end of the 20th Century as well as the last 19 years (especially 9/11 and the austerity like measures/fiscal cuts the faced as a result of the Great Recession at the end of the 2000s-early 2010s), multiple appearances in alot of movies tv shows set in NYC plus the news reports, served in all 5 boroughs some for long-gone depots, that's how long they've been around. I'm happy to have ridden them in person on routes in Manhattan and see them in action in Brooklyn and Queens. It also feels like the buses are New Yorkers itselves because so many of us have gotten used to it's presence on the streets no matter where in the city we head out to. I do hope the RTS has some sort of farewell celebration like what was done to the original Routemasters in 2005 when they were retired.

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