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Pittsburg's West Busway

R62A 1991

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I wish NY had one of these. Traffic free, nice and fast, easy way to get downtown. This one seems to be much less used than the East Busway, which has Artics and runs about every 3 minutes during rush hour (that was fun yesterday), and less fast, but it's still pretty convenient. We'll start downtown.



High refresh rate. It said "Rail Shuttle." Too bad the T wasn't running today.




I did get that one. Ok, now onto the busway. This bus is the 33X and runs half-hourly on weekends. That's good, because the patronage is just not there at all...




This is the last stop. Again, lightly used, 3 buses only serving it this time.



Better view of the station house. Some of them need to be rehabilitated.

Moving along to the Sheraden Station, which is the only one that all buses pick-up on going to Downtown, which means I can get back to my campus more easily from here:


Yep, all of them.



Here's the bus to the airport.



And only because I saw it from the bus:


This was stationary at the Downtown entrance to the busway. I doubt there's any place something like this could fit in NY, so I guess we'll have to stick with our expressways. Hope you enjoyed.

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Excellent shots!






- A




Slammin pics!




Very nice pics I do like the wine colored bus it is different then the norm and I do admire their bus stops/stands better then ours (K)<R>


Thanks! Yeah, their differently-colored fleet kind of outshines ours. I like their bus stops on the Busway, but not the poles that show what bus stops there.


now ride the South Busway..the T runs theres just two main stations downtown that are closed for construction but only on weekends but you could easily ride that at any time.


Thanks. I noticed that there's not a bus "dedicated" to the South Busway. The East has the EBA/EBS/EBO, the West has the 33X & the 100, but the South has the 40s, which I'm not entirely sure, but they don't just stay on the Busway. I'll see if I can check it out. I have 5 more days here, and I'm going to try to take advantage of it.


Wonderful pics!




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catch any 46 route from town (my favorite would be the 46G) that goes down the South Busway get off at Glenbury thats the last stop for the South Busway before Route 51 get off the outbound cross the busway and ride any inbound bus back in and you'll even have a choice when you ride back inbound you can either get off at South Bank and catch a LRV back to town via the Overbrook line or you can get off at South Hills Junction and ride an LRV back from there..but you must ride the south busway that was our very first busway!!!! lost of twist and turns too. Hope you ride the inclines

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