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I'm not sure what I think about this. Although I think it looks cool, is this a wise use of money, and how durable do you think this would be? I can see such a thing becoming so busted after a Friday/Saturday night vomit comet. Let's pretend people behave themselves on trains, though... I think this would be a cool idea, and perhaps produce more revenue in the long run.


But point being: The subway's gentle fare hike didn't really affect me, but the LIRR's fare hike kind of ticked me off. Is something like this really necessary?

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I think it would be cool so long as they present the route info (like the weather and such) in between ads. Vandals hitting something like this would be the main issue, though. I don't know how the LIRR dispatches trains, but they'd be better off NOT running these in the wee hours of the morning. We all know how.. uhm... unruly people can get.


I really wish that the M-3 would rule the night and weekend, they'd be so hot with a little overhaul. Just saw one pass by as I was walking back from the deli, I just love the way they sound. A quiet hum rather than the thin whine of a M7. Brakes sound cool, too.

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