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Cabin Views from Prague Trams (Czech Republic)


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I am trying to get in touch with him, in order to get a better version of his videos, ... and then I will arrrange them with some music.


About the author of Videos (Wadis007) he is very very experienced tram driver. he started in the depth of Russia, and then moved into Prague. There he drives a tram and acts as a webmaster a Russian Representative of a Prague Tram Web. ... He described the very complex process of becoming a tram driver in Prague. The process is hard both in medical exams, training, and driving practice. The tram driving requierement in Prage are 100 times harder then those of Russian Cities.

Maybe its much easier to work as a tram driver then to study.


There are some employees, especially drivers who damn the work when their work day finished. Wadis007 praises his work and even finds an energy to make videos of it.


OFF: By the way, from 1992 till 1999 20th AVenue was my subway stop at the west end line in Brooklyn.

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When I make some video I usually do not indend to make them for a musical overlay. However when I find that I left some stupid commnet on it, just like "train's wheels look like chicken paws" ... I try to overlay it by music.


But mostly I try to keep quiet, while shooting a movie. Cause any comments overlay the tram sounds, no matter whether are they smart or not.


As of now, I am preparing MY video of a Prague Tram, which is an older unit then ones Wadis007 drives. The video has some of my non-technical comments, said not in English. ... As of now, I am tired ... I'll do it tomorrow.


As of now ... I found much better clip

Trams at Charles Sqaure

this is a place where all the scpices of trams in Prague can be seen. It is specially recomended for tramspotting tourists

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