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Casey Stengel & Jamaica sharing the Q76


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Casey Stengel & Jamica depots are sharing the Q76 now.

won can see an Jamaica Nova and an Orion V. Is this the new norm?

I saw a Nova today again turning off Francis Lewis.

this route isnt going to JA right?

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I've seen 4200 on the Q17 on September 9th. I would've gotten a pic but the bus was right in front of me the whole ride from Horace Harding to Flushing and when I got off the bus in Flushing I saw the crowds....lost cause


I'd like to see a CS NG on a JAM route because JAM doesn't have em yet, it'd be an interesting sight.


I know the Q44 is kinda split with JAM, I've seen RTSs on the Q20/Q44 mostly in the PM but I see em in the morning sometimes too, they need to split it with WF too.

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