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Broadway Cranberry Connection


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(MTA) is spending quite a big of money on the Fulton street transit center

project.Mostly new stairs,passageways,mezzanines,elevators etc.

One glaring omission in my opinion is any track connection.

TA should consider connecting the lower level(unused) tracks of the Broadway BMT City Hall station to the Cranberry tunnels,so B'WAY express/local trains can serve Brooklyn Fulton line.

IF constructed possible service pattern could be:

1)N :DITMARS to FAR ROCKAWAY(all times)

2)J :Jamaica center to 168/bway washington hts(nights to Myrtle)

3)M:Metropolitan to coney island via Brighton local(all times)

4)Q :57TH ST/7th ave to coney island via Sea beach.

5)A:207 TO Lefferts(nights Church ave?)

6)V:To world trade center.

7)C eliminated.

Any thoughts?

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Originally so riders don't need to use the A/C platform to get past the J/Z bilevel station. Basically the mezzanine would go above ground to get past the J/Z. - thus the 'egg' idea.


Now if the economy didn't tank the way it did, the MTA could've had a building built above that space and lease it for offices or condos, they could've used the 'lobby' as a mezzanine and made better use of the revenue.

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