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Sunrise To Sunset


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Got up this morning to go to school and my school is in sheepshead bay so the bm3 b49 and etc stops infront of my school so i was at the store and i got some morning mcis and then at 3 pm - 8 pm there was 5116 getting off of the b36 and it broke down so a matience truck came so i asked what happend and he said there was a battery problem so i rode by again and theres noone on the bus or around it its just sitting with the hyrdin lights on and no tow truck arrival has come .


Morning session


4df98276.jpg . d3f76b47.jpg . 5868d172.jpg . ca14d8e9.jpg . 95b766fe.jpg .



And then the afternoon ..........



e3b54832.jpg . 5f534f29.jpg . 75c37910.jpg . 5174d596.jpg . e7d130b2.jpg . ee5b5555.jpg . ee5b5555.jpg . 62af7f06.jpg . 62af7f06.jpg . 5e645942.jpg . 5e645942.jpg . 5e645942.jpg . f9f61a52.jpg . 13bd1e8f.jpg .


Thats it .

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Great Pics:tup:

I guess 5116 wasnt

feeling very well


Thanks and sadly the bus has been sitting there for 3 hours and then a tow truck came . And lastnight in coneyisland b82 hybrid 6565 broke down and the tow truck and bus mataince were there and it was raining hard .

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