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Spring Creek Saturday fraquency


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*If ppl wants to ride the BM3 on Saturdays, there will be a pattern of fleets arrving during the 1 hour wait.


The solution to the Saturday 1 hour wait is:


In the mornings 6:20-10:20AM, you can get a 90% chance of 22xx (which is the new bus) and for the old buses (31xx, 32xx, 33xx) its 10% chance. In the afternoons and middays {10:20AM-4:20PM}, its mostly 22xx tats 94% chance and 6% are 31x, 32xx, 33xx (old buses). Finally during the evenings, {5:20PM-12AM], its 88% new buses and old are 12%.


Weekdays is just 60% old and 40% new.

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