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Porltland TriMet System

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After the spectacular visit to Northern California, I wasn’t done just yet. Next stop for me was Portland, Oregon and its transit system, TriMet.


TriMet operates across three counties and the city of Portland with bus and MAX light rail service as well as contracted to run the Portland Streetcar line. TriMet’s biggest service area is the recently refurbished Downtown Transit Mall which buses & MAX trains share the street and skip stops along 5th & 6th Avenues. This area is also part of fareless square, once a free zone for all lines, now only for MAX service.

The current bus fleet consists mostly of New Flyers built between 1997 to 2009 with Gillig Phantoms as far back as 1990 still plying the streets. Also in its fleet are two series of Flixble Metros, a batch from 1992 & another from 1994 that are in excellent condition for their age.


Beaverton Transit Center is the main hub for transit outside of Portland. Multiple bus lines and two MAX lines stop or terminate here. Among the bus lines is Route 78, the line I took to my hotel. For this ride is 1992 Flxible Metro C #1793:



The second series of Flxibles purchased by TriMet, the 1800s are similar to their sister series except for having a Cummins M11 instead of a L10. Here is #1835 assigned to Route 52:



Among the many New Flyers in TriMet’s fleet is #2646, seen at the edge of the Downtown Transit Mall near Portland State University. 2646 has been repainted into TriMet’s new scheme:



Gillig Phantom #1624, at the ripe old age of 20 is pictured at the Route 51 layover in the Downtown Transit Mall. 1624 is one of 43 30 foot Phantoms in operation for TriMet:



Clackamas Town Center is the terminus for the MAX Green Line and several bus routes. Here is #2301 & 2819 at the outbound stop of the town center:



To connect passengers with the Green Line, all buses end across from the stop, which happens to be a parking garage. Buses layover inside as shown by this photo:



Gillig Phantom #2113, one of 65 Gillig Phantoms purchased by TriMet in 1997 lays over at the Oregon City Transit Center:



Flxible Metro C #1703 squeezes between a car and another bus during afternoon rush hour at the Transit Mall. Groups of bus line serve a stop every two blocks along this stretch:



C-Tran, which provides service to nearby Vancouver, Washington operates several local and express lines into Downtown Portland. Here is #2249 along 6th Avenue on Route 134 express:



Sticking with C-Tran for a moment, the system’s newest buses are Gillig Advantage BRTs also numbered in the 2200s. 2276 skates past a MAX train on Route 105, which operates all day into Downtown Vancouver:



Leaving Downtown to ride the tram, I captured New Flyer #2643 leaving the OHSU campus with part of the Portland Skyline in the background:



Due to a portion of the Portland Streetcar being down, Gillig Phantom #1614 is assigned to provide service between the Aerial Tram and the nearest streetcar stop:



New Flyer D40LFR #2940, the last of 40 purchased by TriMet at the last westbound bus stop at the Portland Transit Mall. This series also ushered in the new paint scheme.:



Flxible Metro C #1774 at the Washington Square Mall on Route 62 at dusk. TriMet also observes the no engine idling policy while at layover:


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TriMet New Flyer D40LF #2701: Cummins ISL/Voith D864.3 Transmission



TriMet Gillig Phantom #1636: Cummins L10/Voith D863.3 Transmission



TriMet New Flyer D40LF #2204: Cummins C8.3/ Voith D863.3 Transmission



TriMet Flxible Metro C #1744: Cummins L10/Voith D863.3 Transmission



TriMet Gillig Phantom #2110: Cummins M11/Voith D863.3 Transmission



TriMet New Flyer D40LF #2643 (Exterior):



TriMet Flxible Metro #1793 (Great Ride Video)



TriMet Gillig Phantom #1455 (20 years old and still kicking ass): Cummins L10/Voith D863.3



TriMet Gillig Phantom #1614 (Exterior):



TriMet New Flyer D40LFR #2922:



Awesome Flxible Startup courtesy of a tree branch:


Portland TriMet Bus System Video:

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Here are some shots of the Portland MAX service from my one day stop over:


Type 3 Car #320 at the Portland International Airport:



#317 at the Portland State University stop of the Green Line. It is also the last stop:



Car #236 in the old TriMet scheme also on the Green Line:



Type 4 car #410 heading outbound on 6th Avenue towards Clackamas Town Center:



Car #417 at another of the Portland Transit Mall’s MAX stations during rush hour:



A two car type 4 train on 5th Avenue covering the Green line near twilight:



Portland Streetcar:


Car #003 outside PSU near 5th Avenue where it crosses MAX tracks:



A tale of two cars. 002 is part of the first order between Skoda & Inekon, 010 is the third of four cars delivered built by Inekon and Ostrava City Transportation Company. Both are working a shorten streetcar service, where shuttle service was provided by Bus:





Portland TriMet MAX service (mostly recorded at the Transit Mall:



Portland Streetcar #010:



Portland Aerial Tram: (Not exactly on rails but a service none the less)


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