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Subway Shots with Tribute to (M) in Southern Brooklyn- June 23rd

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I see 40 videos and photos all together, Yuki, Nice job, but please don't add anymore to this thread. I think all of us users would be happy if you didn't add anymore. Also, please show your 10-15 best and show us a link to your gallery, no need to add your entire collection in one thread, that's just too much, don't you think?

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Mr. Famousenylover;


Please put your best 10 or 15 pictures, If you read what Harry wrote on your other thread of 100+ pictures, it is not neccasary to put down every picture you have ever taken because;


1: It takes forever for the computer to load all your pictures


2: By the time we scroll down to your last picture we have already forgotten the rest of them.


I enjoy looking at pictures as much as the next person but please don't abuse.

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