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The Buses 5110 & 5113 Have Been Improved Since Back 5 Months Ago Take A Look . 5113 has gotten a repaint 2days ago and as you know 5110 now has a orange led sign like 5105-5109 . Sorry if they tilted a little bit , these buses were speeding and i tried to catch them anyway i could .



IMG_1152.jpg . IMG_1151.jpg .



Before & After .


IMG01039-1-1.jpg . IMG_1156.jpg . IMG_1155.jpg .


Thats all :(

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Wonderful pics! The (B74), Mermaid Avenue's shuttle (B36). My friend lives over there. But the (B36) and (B74) don't actually stop in Sea Gate. [is there actually a gate over there?]


Lol Yes the b36 goes to surf and 36th at sea gate it stops infront of the gate then it goes around and the b36 and 74 connect at the other gate on neptune ave

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