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Welcome to Detroit Pt 2

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Is that 20 year old Neoplan artic still running?


No, they are just sitting in a yard. Unsold, and unscraped.


Awosme pics those pics of the fishbowl and the arctic and the MCI classics and RTSs were cool. Detroit has some great looking buses even better than nyc buses!!!


Thanks! I've been on the RTS, D40HF, and D40LF. The others are out of service and only used by DOB.

I love the RTS's and even the 2002's still say TMC on the front dash piece by the door. The only bad thing is that Detroit maintenance has to be the worst! I think it's even better in Mexico. If something falls off, they just leave it off. I think I only saw like 4 RTS's that were not banged up. Any bus older that 6 years rides like crap.They never wash them, and every bus i got on had so much dust, dirt, grafiiti, and scratchitti, that they all looked and smelled like they were 30 years old! But then again DDOT only keeps buses in service for like 9 to 11 years before they replace them. I was talking to a driver, and he said of all the buses, he liked the '01/'02 RTS's the best, but maintenance doesn't care, so about 60% of them are crap on the inside and outside, but still have excellent DDs50 engines. Detroit was either the last, or one of the last to get Nova RTS's, and one of the only companies to order the RTS 8.

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Some interesting shots there!


Thanks! Here's 2 vids courtesy of youtube/baul104. The first is a 2002 Nova RTS 8. Notice how the rear wheel-well fender is gone, and DDOT has no funds to replace it. They are missing on have the fleet! The second vid is a 1997 Nova RTS 06 that is in sad shape!



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