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Questions for train ops


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Hey TOs hope join you guys someday, had some quick ?s. What is the speed limit for you guys on a normal station to station run?? What about a express run?? Whats a fast speed to come into a station w a green light?? Is there a radar on the trains so Control can see how fast your train is going??


Also a family member of mine was a TO for the longest time in the 70s and 80s and he said he went from 59st to 125th st in 6 mins I think whatever he said it was like something crazy he said he hit 65mph in the middle of the run and had to start breaking a station or two before haha obvisoulsy he mite be exaggerating but he said you couldnt go those speeds today because a rule or something. Can you guys shed light on this and sum personal best :)


Ask your "family member".

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