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Jones Beach service


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You would take an LIRR most of the way and then transfer to a bus. But be careful out there. From what I'm reading this is probably the worst buses in New York. Plan your trip very wisely. Get a friend or family with a car to go.

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I have.... Once.... And will NEVER do it again.


There's one that runs out of LIRR Hicksville to JB, and LIRR Freeport to JB... neither one of them is to be desired.... I haven't been on them since they had the JB notation in front of the route #.... now they use the 'N' notation... don't remember the route #'s off top....


I took the one out of Freeport.... course it wasn't on time, course it was packed to the gills, course everytime the bus hit a pothole or w/e, my head kept hitting the roof of the bus (I was standing up).... course there was no AC on the bus..... luckily I didn't get light-headed; felt as if I was in a sardine can... just a bad experience all around that I'll never forget....


.....and the return trip... you talk about a bunch of savages bombarding a bus... good lord....

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Guest MTA Bus

For Service To JB Take The LIRR To Freeport Or Hicksville And Get The N87 At Hicksville & Get The N88 At Freeport.

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