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4525 - Why There?


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Following 7LineFan's them, I present this one, shot a week ago. Look at the side ad.




I know of its existence on College Point buses and at Quill as well (for CP, on 9874 and 9943, and also on 4546 at Grand Avenue; 9465 had the ad but it got replaced with an ABC ad).

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Like I said in my thread, I'm not surprised... but this is ridiculous. That ad is just $$$$$ in the (MTA)'s eyes, isn't it?


Basically. So are these (I posted these before - both shot on July 6). Again, you're looking at the side ads:






I could go into why the ad on 6470 has a valid point (and how it's related to the ad on 6609), but this is a transit message board; that the thread is about Islam is coincidental in that it involves buses.


On the original picture: Why not just raise the $20 million to buy the property?


BTW, in a sign of hypocrisy, the MTA will not allow LGBT ads on its buses, trains, or stations, unless it's for entertainment.

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