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MTA Bus Orion VII Assignments


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Baisley Park [50] 3500-3524, 3759-3783


Spring Creek [25] 3525-3549


JFK Depot [91] 3550-3574, 3650-3715


Far Rockaway [35] 3575-3599, 3749-3758


Laguardia [83] 3600-3649, 3716-3748


*Only the first post will be edited each time there is a change in order to reduce scrolling and clutter.


Order Complete, the Orion VII NG Assignments will be added in when they arrive.

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Yea I added that as well as 1295 and 1294 has just arrived. Also, many buses are rolling into JFK so be on the look out everyone.


According to the numbers, there is only one bus left to deliver. I will continue the thread when the Orion NG's come in. Also, please look at the list occasionally and if you notice anything please share it with us. Thanks

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