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A New Series I'm Starting

Daniel The Cool

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I'm planning on making videos documentary on how people feel about their favorite subway lines and what makes it there favorite line. I wanna film railfans on this so my project and will be for a good caused. This project will be fun and yes I can interview railfans who has the same favorite lines. This project will be fun and it will get the railfans to learn more about different railfans. I'll be the one video recording it and it will be on YouTube.


Now tell me guys what you think.

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Guys I decided to change it a little bit. Instead of asking about favorite lines I wanna interview railbuffs about they're 2 lines they used to commute and ask questions about there commute.


Thats why this website was created, so everyone can talk about what they use and how they feel about it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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