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SEPTA sucks website


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I would not say that SEPTA sucks. I would say its ok. Only gripes that I have are that the BSS automated announcements could be hard to hear.


And their regional rail stations look too shabby. They used to have TVMs but now they don't. When they had them they were only in the Airport stations, the Center City stations, and in Trenton. They were complicated to use and they were old. They did not even accept new bills, and they hardly took the old ones. So you would have to go to a bill changer and put coins in the machine.

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Ah, Bad Transit. The person who runs that takes pictures of common mistakes and blows them way out of proportion. He's just a cranky old man who looks for broken light bulbs at stations, muddy subway cars, and tissues on station floors. B)


But in all seriousness, I can't say I know whats on the website. From the very few times I read the website when it opened, my above statement would be correct. But I refuse to regularly visit such a biased website. Opinion, opinion. :cool:


And PS: That website never showed any good qualities of the MBTA. For instance, would you find them cleaning up Dudley Square there? Or when they let a child with a terminal illness be 'engineer for the day'? No.

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