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New York City Subway Car Datasheet

R32 3348

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This went well over at Rider Diaries, so I'll post it up here.


I originally created this sheet to keep track of new R160 cars that were coming in, but later expanded it to track the retirement of some of the older cars in the system. Then I added more subway cars and their numbers to keep track of cars that I saw (I labeled them in green, but this is only for my own copy). Eventually I made this document into a datasheet of all of the subway cars in our system and their current status - whether they were scrapped, prepared for reefing, are undergoing testing, or whatever. I also included notes about each subway car.


The datasheet can be found here.


Hope this helps anyone who doesn't know much about NYC Subway cars. Comments are welcome. And by the way, on my computer I set the margins so it shows 20 cars per line (like on http://www.nycsubway.org, where I copy pasted the numbers from) but Google documents doesn't care for margins so it's not as organized.

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Sure! That would be pretty cool. And yes, excel is also a prety good idea. I liked the rendition of it that you sent to me. I'll get the info onto that datasheet and post up the final product.

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