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About MTA Bus operator benefits


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I am a new member, I've been reading the post regarding the starting pay for the MTA compared with the bus company's. The question that i have is the benefits included in your pay for all depots/unions or do you have to pay out for them?



The benefits are included with your pay, but now we do pay part of our salary toward our Pension and Health Care. It's about $70 for me combined, every paycheck. TWU Local 100 Union dues, you have to pay the union yourself. They no longer get automatic dues taken from your paycheck anymore..........ATU, well Mr. Frusci can answer that one.


Don't be surprised if this gets moved to the Career forums. This is where it should be asked at.

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I had taken the test in april still waiting for the results have'nt heard anything yet how long does it take to get results. kinda anxious.


I took that exam also. Did you check your answers online? They have the answer key,it has been up for awhile. Now as far as list numbers go that can take up to 1 year from the date of the exam.

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