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Anyone Here A Weekly SNL Watcher?

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Hey Everybody. After a bit of a hiatus from the forums, I'm back with a question. Is anyone here a weekly SNL Watcher? I started watching it every week back in about 2004 and have only missed about 10 episodes in all that time. Any other Hardcore SNL Fans Out There?




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I'm a regular of SNL. The season finale with Justin Timberlake and Lady GaGa was epic. Lonely Island's music videos like "Jízz in My Pants", "I'm on a Boat", and "D*** in a Box" had me cracking up for several days.

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There you go kiddies. You missed out on the glory years of SNL. Other than watching the opening skit and the news, I don't watch the current SNL that much.


Here SNL when it great.



1) John Belushi' - "Samurai Delicatessen" - SNL Jan. 1976



Belushi again in "BEETHOVEN VS. RAY CHARLES"



2)Dana Carvey

The McLaughlin Group circa 1990



The Church Lady



3)The Chicago Superfans circa 1992



4)Eddie Murphy

Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra "Ebony and Ivory"



"Mr Robinson's Neighborhood"




5)Adam Sandler

'Opera Man'



The show did not start with Tina Fey.

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