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Old newbie!


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Hi,fellow TA lovers.

Here's my background:

Young at heart @ 75 years. Always loved trains,since my first Lionel (grey 238E freight set). Years later,I wound up with a collection of over 1,000 pieces. I suplimented my collection with a side job of repairing/restoring o.p.'s.

I used to attend the NY annual Toy Fair,and met with the great LENNY DEAN. I belonged to the "Staten Island Trainmasters",and worked part time @ "The Train Set". When the club deceided to build a layout,I convinced them to duplicate the 1949 Lionel showroom layout. This was in th late 60's. Other than Gargraves Phantom track,we had it down pat,track plan,size,etc. Lionel wanted us to call them when we were done.:P Buildings and mountain scenery were taking shape when we were EVICTED by the new building owner. It was then,totally disgusted,I sold ALL my trains,yeah,even my 238E set! Since I started collecting toy cars in the interim,I've continued now,for about 24 years.

Now,don't think I don't belong here,because I collect toy cars! I worked for the NYCTA from 1966-1986 in the Subway division. Loving trains,I adapted well to the job.Starting as a MHB(helper),I retired as a car foreman. After retirement,I worked for two different contractors assembling the R-46's in both the Brooklyn Army terminal and Navy yard,downtown. In those 20 years,I worked on just about all of them,R-1's on up, as a CME. From the DIRTIEST job,"Breaking leads",to a/c mods,out in the yard,at Coney Island. I put in my time at 207th street yard,on the R-21,22 overhauls.

I still go to our local Fire House train show,twice annually,here in Hawley,Pa., TO LOOK FOR TOY CARS! Over the years I took some snapshots of Subway cars,trolleys,and steam and diesel locos. But my all time fave? The Pennsy GG-1.

Nuff said?


Yeah,I'm a FORD man! :P)

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