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Brighton Local

Stillwell Chaos!!!!

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Q/B Shuttle between Kings Hwy and Coney Island

D shuttle between New Utrecht-62nd AND / OR 9 Av, then Back to Coney Is

F shuttle between Stillwell and Church Av

N suspended.

M to Coney Island via Culver!

G to Coney Island via Culver

V to Coney Island via Culver!


Brighton Beach:





Coney Island-STILLWELL Av:












R42 M turned into an F :
















Atlantic av:


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The crowding gets worse as you scroll down the pictures. That was chaos. I never seen stillwell like that before.

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That is so crazy. You have any idea how the M got from the East to the Culver? Also, if the V went to CI, how come the F did not? Normally in situations like that, the V does not even run.

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I think the M was a either a put it at first at Avenue X, then just made its way back to Stillwell OR relayed on the Willy B and came back through Chrystie St.


The V , maybe ran over the A/C via Cranberry St, and / or Rutgers St, have no clue.. lol

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I'm glad I wasn't there. That looks like it was a pretty bad situation there.


Around what time was those pictures taken?


Also, how long til they started moving trains outta there?

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Talk about madness. Glad I wasn't there for it - I'd have gone crazy.


It's funny, every time I hear "Stillwell," I automatically think of Stillwell Avenue in the Bronx (in the Pelham Parkway area). I always forget about Stillwell in Brooklyn!

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Harry, These pictures were taken between 8:20 AM, and 10:45 AM.

N service was totally Suspended.

F service was a GAMBLE.. TA EMployees were telling people to use the

F train to Manhattan, however annaouncements were saying that its station by station so u dont know wat was the last stop or where u were actually going.

Finally, they said F's were going to Church then shuttle buses.. I assumed, Shuttle buses between Church and Hoyt Schermerhorn or Jat for A/C/G service....


D's they said at first were going to Manhattan, but then i heard only shuttling between Stillwell and New Utrecht-62nd AND/ OR 9 Av... So Many people from the west end were brought Back to Stillwell, to get on an F , that was then going to Church or nowhere.. Finally a little after 9 , ALL service FROM Stillwell was halted...





B / Q shuttle Trains... They kept running like every 15-17 Min between Stillwell and Kings Hwy. bringing people from Kings hwy, back to Stillwell, to get on the ill-fated " F " lol..


I finally got on a D train and took a chance at 10:50, when they said the D''S were running back to Manhattan.. The B/Q was still a shuttle/.. Around 9:30 am , Everyone saw 4 flat cars and a diesel rumble through Stillwell on 4 Track to Head up to Beverly to collect the tree that fell..


Hopped on the D around 10:50, hoping it would go past 9 Av, and 36th St.. I figured , ok ill go to Pacific and see wats up with the IRT. I get to Atlantic around 11:20..


announcements that NO 2-3--4 trains running..

The 2 was a shuttle between Franklin and Atlantic i think..


But then , light at the end of the tunnel..


They said, the NEXT train pulling in on the Mnahtn bound lcl track will run over the 5 line to Bklyn bridge only...


A "2" Train pulled in, announcing that Atlantic was the LAst STOP!!!! ALL those people who needed manhattan were just screwed, cause all of us wating for that train got on...

Proceeded out of ATlantic to Nevins via the Express tracks... The C/R announced that this train was going to Bolwing Green only, with the Atltanic Av Tower announcing it would go to Bklyn bridge.. We pull into Bolwing Green, anncment -- by C/R " This is a Shuttle Train to Bklyn Br, wall st next , stand clear please".. we were happy , at leadt bklyn br.. I got off at Fulton and Transferred to an A 1 stop to Chambers, walked to work, and got there for noon.........



comming home, i had told my grandmother to use the N at Rector, and go straight to Stillwell, and not to Transfer At DeKalb, cause the B./Q was still out (accoriding to the MTA site ) around 2:35. I told her take the N to Coney, then THE Q SHuttle to Brighton or Ocean pkwy..


I took the 4 from Wall doen to Atlantic , and notcied the B/Q reopened... A q CAME IN, AND TOOK ME TO bRIGHTON.. didnt care if no B was running, at least the Q was back up....

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Harry, These pictures were taken between 8:20 AM, and 10:45 AM....


I caught the 7:10 (R) train at 53rd street. No announcements or warnings of congestion and flooding throughout the system. We reach 36th street station and the delays are obvious but the (N) on the express track gets moving pretty fast. After traveling down the 4th Ave. express tunnels for about a mile and a half we come to a dead stop. And that's where we stood for almost 2 hours.


We finally make it to Pacific street and they start announcing the cancellations of the IRTs into Manhattan. MTA employees start taping off the stairways basically trapping us on the Atlantic-Pacific street station. With an (N) on the express track and an (R) train (the same R train I originally started with) on the local, so I decide to gamble and jump back on the (R). Big mistake, the (N) pulls out first. Then they announce that the (R) will be rerouted over the Manhattan Bridge over the 6th Avenue line.


It was the worst experience I ever had in the subway. I'm usually lucky and manage to avoid any major disruptions. I couldn't avoid this one. It caught us all. Every single one of us.


I managed to get to work almost 2 hours late. The people who left for work at 8 had it the worst. The later you left for work, the worse it was.



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