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I Hate Central Park West During the Rush

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Man, Central Park West is crazy during the PM Rush. I came from an (E) train from Jamaica today (I liked the R46 going to Jamaica actually, with an R32 coming back) and went downstairs at 7th Avenue for a (:D(D) to the (A). A (D) came right away but was so crowded no one else could fit. Next (D) came in about 30 seconds and there were seats on the train. Only needed to go to 59th though so no need to sit. I get there for the (A) and ask some people there if any (A)s just came (behind the full (D) train) and find it was two (D)s in a row. Then another (D) comes, third in a row. Then a (C) comes on the local track and the train has seats. I got on, the (D) beat us up the CPW but not a single (A) train went by us until 116 Street. My (C) gets to 125 and the same (A) is right there so I went in it just to get to 168 a bit earlier.


The CPW is just painful on the rush hour. (D) trains that can't fit any more passengers followed by (D) trains that are clear, followed by more (D)s and then finally an (A) which is embarrassed by a local (C) until 125 Street.


I gotta say I liked the R38 on the (C) better than the R44 on the (A) that I transferred to at 125.

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(D) train is more frequent than (A). It should be the other way around. (A) service comes from and goes to Lefferts Boulevard and Far Rockaway in Queens. (:D and (C) should arrive with the same frequency, that's just strange


I'll tell you my experience. It's hard for you to catch a (A) going up? Wow, for me usually, catching a (D) is more harder going downtown and into Brooklyn. Not from my experience but some people tell me that there are as much as three straight (A)s:

(A) to Lefferts Boulevard

(A) to Rockaway Park

(A) to Far Rockaway.

and then

(D) to Coney Island.


It's weird, three (A) destinations, but only five (A)'s to Rockaway Park.

59th Street Columbus Circle (A)(:((C)(D) is the most heavy used station within CPW

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Central Park West isn't a problem at all. You just got on when there was some delay or a situation of some sort. Usually the trains alternate with occasional double (A)s, (B)s, ©s, or (D)s. But finding a seat isn't hard. Since the trains come frequently with supplemental local service.


My source? I ride it everyday.

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This is usually my observation of the CPW lines for a hour during weekdays.


(D) - come around 5-7 trains per hour.

(;) - come around 4-6 trains per hour.

(A) - come around 4-6 trains per hour.

(C) - come around 3-5 trains per hour.


I feel the (A) is only slow around the Rockaways because more trains go to Ozone Park.


The (A)(B) and (D) have more than 5-7 TPH. The (C) is 6 tph

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