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Phoebe Snow Cars at Grand Central Terminal

Fred G

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I saw these on track 34 last Friday evening. They are old parlor cars from the Erie Lackawanna RR and are being used as observation cars for Metro North. An observation car is a usually well appointed train car that's used by a railroad's higher ups to ride and observe the railroad.





They use an old coach in the middle. Damned if I know what it is :confused:



Here's a side view of part of a Phoebe Snow Car.



So you can imagine the joy when I saw this work motor couple up to the consist. This looks suspiciously like an R47 NYCTA motor but it'd have to have its 3rd rail shoes moved so it'd work on overrunning MN 3rd rail.



Moving the train into place on track...uhhh, 36 IIRC.


Here are a couple of interior shots I took in 2004 during a fan trip that MN put on.






I did not ride in these cars during the trip but took these photos while we were laid up in Danbury.


That's it for Phoebe for now; thanks for looking!

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Real nice....those cars look great!


Thanks, they do look very cool. I would love to ride up the Hudson in one of them :)


Awesome shots man!


That car in the middle looks like a pullman silverliner lounge car.


- Andy




Yeah, I did a brief search but came up empty as to the ID of the center car :confused:

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