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Dusk of the Vs

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To end off this year, I was in Toronto for a bit and photographed some Orion Vs, including one of the 9400s leased to Malvern garage, operating out of a different garage than Wilson for the first time in their lives. Were it not for a backlog of broken down hybrids, today would have been the last day for the 7000 series Vs, but they've been bought a little more time.


Toronto Transit Commission 1781 - 02 by t6a5iii, on Flickr

Toronto Transit Commission 1829 - 01 by t6a5iii, on Flickr

Toronto Transit Commission 1829 - 02 by t6a5iii, on Flickr

Toronto Transit Commission 7120 - 01 by t6a5iii, on Flickr

Toronto Transit Commission 7120 - 02 by t6a5iii, on Flickr

Toronto Transit Commission 7123 - 01 by t6a5iii, on Flickr

Toronto Transit Commission 7128 - 01 by t6a5iii, on Flickr

Toronto Transit Commission 9442 - 02 by t6a5iii, on Flickr

Toronto Transit Commission 9442 - 03 by t6a5iii, on Flickr


I've always liked these buses and it'll be sad to see them go. Fortunately, the 9400s have another half-a-year before retirements begin in full.

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Great photos! If you are interested, 7013 (53 steeles east) was the last bus to be taken out of service yesterday.




I heard that the end of the month has spelled the end for at least 5 of these - and that 7033 is one of the few left standing. I wonder which one will be the last.

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