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  1. http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/48741-more-nice-buses-gone-including-1636/
  2. A new map is coming to their website later this year
  3. Two words: You're done. And what does this guy think he's gonna do:
  4. The first 30 seconds of that video were funny. It's alright, I have plans to take care of this PinePower issue once and for all. Just give me time.
  5. You call this video philosophical? This is about as philosophical as your video about Trump. There is absolutely nothing unique in here except for your request to subscribe right in the middle of the video. Bitcoin's own website and explanations on Bitcoin's forums are more informative than this. You compare bitcoin to gold, but it's more like any other stock except this one isn't in a company, it's in an internet currency pretty much. I'm one to know because I invested in bitcoin when before it became huge, and made a good chunk of money. Any currency can inflate and deflate, or eventually become useless monetarily. Look at Greece's currency issues. As far as other cryptocurrencies, only 11 out of the top 100 are worth more than one US Dollar. While Bitcoin currently has the largest Market Cap at almost $6.5 Billion USD, the 2nd largest market cap cryptocurrency is only about 10% of what Bitcoin is, and I'm willing to bet most people haven't even heard of it before (Ethereum). It'll be a long time before another cryptocurrency becomes accepted, used, and shared as wide as Bitcoin does today, and continues to grow day by day. You also forgot to mention, on the anonymity part, that when you use services to buy Bitcoin with your actual credit card or bank account, that anonymity goes away if that service gets hacked or gives up the information. It's anonymous if you make it anonymous.
  6. It's alright guys, don't worry. The XN40's might be less than 5 months old and breaking down already, but we have free money and we're going to spend it to run more empty buses on routes little amounts of people care about. - NICE, 2016 Piney is somewhere crying right now because he doesn't have everyone's attention.
  7. 40+ downloads and counting. Glad people like the upload. Also, for Tom, no complaints = no virus. You're perfectly right to be suspicious. For example, I remember reading about not only NICE saying they saved so much on a new fuel contract that they attributed the ability to do so many things with. But, they also stated the first year they were in service that they made close to half a million dollars on auctioning off used buses when the first batch only sold for up to a couple thousand dollars a bus, no where close to that number when you add them up. Of course, when the announcement was made, there wasn't much proof anymore since Auctions International hides their sold listings after a month or two.
  8. Are there any Orions from Long Island Bus still in-tact at Eastchester?
  9. What is this drama bullshit? I come here to see news about anything-MTA and this is going on. First, if you post on Facebook and don't believe in using your privacy settings, I believe it's fair game to post that stuff here. It's an open internet, and the rules don't say anything about Facebook here. I've posted plenty of stuff from Facebook here. Second, whatever is going on with the staff, if you don't want to operate this site anymore, just leave the staff and have Harry close it. There are possible alternatives like Subchat, and someone could just open up a fresh new forum and people will find it. I find it ridicoulous how someone on the staff here de-rails an entire thread that used to update fleet info to bring this drama in when you could have just opened up a new thread or something. If this is going to continue, I could care less what happens to this place. It doesn't matter to me whether or not I share what I have with other members here. I lurked this place for a couple of years, and now that I'm posting here off and on, this stuff happens. It took me months to get something fixed from the staff when I had a problem with my account, and one of the staff members on here gave me an attitude when I asked a couple of questions because he thinks he owns the place and feels all high and mighty with internet power. I haven't done anything to piss anyone off here(except maybe PinePowerLI, but I could care less about him), but reading about this garbage is preposterous.
  10. Someone? I exposed him in the NICE thread he created. Because he supports PinePowerLI, I will not be answering his questions.
  11. Hi, "chargerdodge9" aka "jgood6195" aka "1995 Orion V CNG" or if you prefer your YouTube usernames 2004OrionVIICNG or 2004 Orion V CNG. EXPOSED As far as I know, TTMG is the only site that bothered to spend the time to make a NICE depot roster and it has not been updated to remove the auctioned off buses or the new XN40s.
  12. Anyone interested in a bunch of cab rides on the LIRR? I happened upon this today. They're a bit old with no sound, but still worth a glance: https://www.youtube.com/user/henryjpridejr/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd
  13. Here's a photo taken from the dump I posted on the previous page of the thread here. If you download it, you can see the photo was taken January 2, 2008. Anyone remember these:
  14. For Tom Meadow, here's the surprise. We all know PinePowerLI reads this forum, takes information from it, then passes it off in his YouTube videos as his own. Well here's payback, a dump of his hacked and then deleted Photobucket. Keep up the nonsense John, you have been warned: http://www.mediafire.com/download/n565h80e88g1v5e/Btraindash_183320a.zip
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